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Flash Back Friday: TSR’s Top 6 Throwback Reality Show Reads!!

As the loyal roommates probably already know TSR lives for a good shady moment, of course we do post positive, but we wouldn’t be called The “Shade” Room if we didn’t hand deliver you some of the shadiest moments! Its true, we live in the era where everyone is trying to get their 15 minutes (or seconds depending on who you’re talking about) of fame and most of the time it comes to us through reality tv! Y’all know some of the biggest reads and the heaviest tree throwing happens right on reality tv, so as a gift to you TSR has compiled our top 6 shadiest moments that has gone down on reality tv! Take a look:



Do y’all remember Charm School? Well in one particular episode, the ladies were split into teams of two. The task was to create an outfit and choose one of the girls in their respective groups to model it. Mo’Nique was not impressed once she was convinced that one of the teams chose the big girl to be the model, in hopes that they’d automatically win her vote.


I feel like coming for Wendy Williams was the only way Omarosa could have leveled up in becoming a shade queen. Basically, this ended with Wendy dismissing her from HER show which just got extended to 2022…



I loved Tiffany Pollard aka: New York aka: the HBIC and I still do! I know y’all remember when Pumpkin got eliminated and all of a sudden went open season on New York in front of Flavor Flav and fateful winner Hoopz. This was an absolute ki, because you really get two reads in one! Who spits on people though?!



3 words: Vivica and Kenya #TrickBounce !!



Tyra banks is super passionate about modeling and when Miss Tiffany rolled her eyes in front of the judges AND cut Tyra off while being critiqued, the supermodel literally lost it. Try and count how many blood vessels you see popping out of her neck!



Do y’all remember when Kenya displayed her search for a baby daddy on Season 6 of Real Housewives of Atlanta? This was also the same season that Kenya was pressed to prove that Apollo was unfaithful to Phaedra. Chile, Ms. Moore just kept coming for Phaedra and her family, even at the reunion, so she delivered the ultimate kamehameha to Kenya! I don’t think anyone can sit through this without dying. We don’t know how Nene nor Kandi didn’t burst into tears!


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