Florida Family Seeks Justice For 26-Year-Old BBL Patient

Florida Family Seeks Justice After OB-GYN Administers Anesthesia On BBL Patient Who Never Woke Up From Surgery

A Florida family is seeking answers after 26-year-old Jaynisha “Jayla” Williams underwent cosmetic surgery for a breast augmentation and a Brazilian butt lift, but never woke up.

According to Florida news station NBC Miami, the surgery took place on October 20, 2021. Williams and her mother Latoshia Leggett traveled to Best U Now cosmetic surgery center in Plantation, Florida. Leggett caught a flight in from California to accompany her daughter for the procedure.

Leggett’s Devastating Day

Leggett waited in the facility lobby as the doctors began working on her daughter.

I was asking every hour, ‘How’s my daughter doing? How are things going?’ and they kept telling me, ‘She’s OK. Everything is fine.’

As time passed, Leggett noticed other patients leaving the facility. But her daughter never appeared.

Then she heard an ambulance arrive.

The ambulance pulled up. That’s when I said, ‘Excuse me, can somebody tell me what’s going on?’

William’s body was then rolled out of the facility by staffers, who then informed the mother of her daughter’s passing.

They politely grabbed me and said, ‘Your daughter is dead.’

Astonishing Revelations Have Been Made Since Williams’ Death

According to the local news station, a report from The Broward Medical Examiner’s Office notes that the cosmetic procedure was “completed.” However, Williams “never awoke from the anesthesia.” Williams’ cause of death has been listed as “undetermined.”

The Florida Health Department has filed administrative complaints against Best U Now. The complaint also includes the surgery center licensed as Serenity Capital Investments LLC, Dr. John Edward Nees, the designated physician for the facility.

Reports have also revealed that an OBGYN, named Dr. Millicent Muir, administered the fatal anesthesia to Williams. According to Atlanta Black Star, Muir was “restricted” from the practice for an “unrelated complaint.”

In the state of Florida, surgeons are required to utilize a “qualified anesthesia provider” to administer anesthesia. Qualified professionals include an anesthesiologist or certified registered nurse anesthetist, to administer anesthesia, as reported by NBC 6.

The Florida Health Department is asking for the center’s registration to be suspended or revoked. And for Dr. John Edward Nees to also be penalized. As for Dr. Millicent Muir, she agreed to interview with NBC 6. But the outlet reported that she provided them with the wrong phone number.

The Aftermath Affecting Williams’ Family

According to the outlet, no one from Best U Now has reached out to the family since Williams’ death. The 26-year-old mother leaves behind two children, ages 5 and 2.

Leggett shared that the children don’t quite understand what has happened to their mother.

It’s hard. They ask if they can go to heaven to see their mom. They don’t understand.


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