Forget Ciara's Prayer, Alex Fine Suggests He Asked Russell Wilson For His

Forget Ciara’s Prayer, Alex Fine Suggests He Asked Russell Wilson For His

While many women have been in search of “Ciara’s prayer” (you know, the one that got Cici her real Prince Charming, Russell Wilson), one man dared to ask if it was actually Russell’s prayer that united the two all along.

Think about it, Ciara is just as much of a catch as Russell, so it’s a fair take on the scenario. The point is, both men and women desire a partner of quality to be in love with.

Cassie’s husband Alex Fine is apparently one of the lucky ones who got his prayer answered, according to himself.

After showing love to his wife and baby Frankie in an Instagram post, there was a lot of love under his comments and even one fan dared to ask if Ciara’s prayer had been involved in Cassie meeting Alex.

“Did Ciara share that prayer with Cassie???” the fan asked. Alex’s response had flipped the whole question on its head.

Alex responded: “What if Russell shared the prayer with me?”

And all we can say to that is, “I know that’s right!”

But Alex’s gesture doesn’t really shock anyone as he always been his own Prince Charming to Cassie. The two became official back in late 2018 and in June 2019, the couple announced that they were expecting a baby girl!

Alex penned a beautiful message to Cassie and their then future daughter. You can read it here.

Not long after, the two announced their engagement and tied the knot in September of 2019. Cassie gave birth to baby Frankie in December.

We love to see kings represent their queens! Alex Fine and Russell Wilson are definitely real ones!


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