Roommates, if you’re a fan of the hit show Game of Thrones then we have some very interesting news! If you’re like me, then you’ve been a faithful watcher of the show and know all the intricacies that make Game of Thrones what it is. Well, according to Deadline, a prequel of the fantasy series is reportedly in the works!

Now, when I saw this information I had a lot of questions. SO, I’ll get right to the tea. Apparently, the new prequel will focus on the House Targaryen. The storyline is set 300 years before the events in Game of Thrones. In fact, the new prequel is inspired by executive producer George R.R. Martin’s book, ‘Fire & Blood.’

In the book, the entire history of the Targaryens is laid out beginning with the creation of the iron throne.


As you know, towards the end of the show it was revealed that John Snow was actually a Targaryen. I’d assume all of that will play out in the prequel as well. Though there are very few details about the show, faithful Game of Thrones fans definitely have something to look forward to!

Roommates, please let us know, will you be tuning in?!