Grandmother Dies After Undergoing BBL Surgery

Grandmother Of 11 Dies After Undergoing BBL Surgery, Doctor Is Fined $10K

A Miami plastic surgeon has been hit with a $10,000 fine and ordered to attend a one-hour lecture class after performing a botched BBL which led to a woman’s death.

Tanesha Walker, 47, Felt “Lightheaded” After BBL, Breast & Liposuction Surgery

According to NBC Miami, a 47-year-old Indiana woman named Tanesha Walker traveled to South Florida for a breast reduction in April 2022. The woman reportedly made the decision after she was denied the procedure by another facility.

Walker opted to add liposuction and a Brazilian Butt Lift to her list of cosmetic procedures, arriving at the New Life Plastic Surgery facility on April 20, 2022. She was treated by Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Oliver Simmons and her procedure began at 9:35 am.

Walker was reportedly in the recovery room at 11:05 am. According to the outlet, Walker was in good spirits. She was then transferred to the Chasing Dreams Recovery Home. However, during transport, the 47-year-old reportedly became unresponsive. And the owner of the facility decided to take her to a hospital.

Walker’s niece, Tataneshia Middleton, later shared a statement with reporters regarding her state during that time.

When she came into the truck, she was telling them she was lightheaded, and she didn’t feel well…

Walker reportedly died three days later.

Walker’s Health History & The Plastic Surgeon’s Decisions

According to Black Enterprise, the Department of Health determined that Tanesha Walker was not a good fit for “office surgery.” Dr. Paul Goldberg explained that she would have been a better fit for “hospital surgery.”

In addition, she allegedly had a history of high blood pressure, was pre-diabetic, and had a body mass index of 38.1. Despite this, Walker was approved for surgery.

After the investigation, authorities explained that Dr. Simmons “injected fat into the gluteal muscle,” which caused Walker’s fatal pulmonary embolism. The Miami-Dade Chief Medical Examiner Kenneth Hutchins further confirmed this information with the victim’s autopsy.

many vessels filled with fat emboli… there is vegetable matter in the small airways…

The autopsy ultimately confirmed that Dr. Simmons “violated Florida law by injecting fat into Walker’s gluteal muscles during the surgery.”

The Plastic Surgeon’s Consequences

The Florida Board of Medicine reached a settlement in Walker’s case on February 3, as reported by Atlanta Black Star. The board determined that Dr. Simmons will have to pay a $10,000 fine. And reimburse $9,588.67 to the “department’s investigation and prosecution costs.”

In addition, the plastic surgeon will be required to attend a one-hour lecture class “on safety and possible complications” of cosmetic procedures. And use “ultrasound guidance” during BBL procedures until the board deems it no longer necessary.

Walker’s daughter shared a statement regarding her mother’s death.

My mom isn’t supposed to be dead. She’s still supposed to be here with us.

According to the outlet, Walker is the second patient to pass away after having the procedure done at New Life Plastic Surgery. Further, the outlet adds that there are 6,900 doctors in Florida who don’t have malpractice insurance but continue to operate on their patients. Because of this, doctors in the state “have been disciplined 44% more frequently over the past decade.”

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