Hairdresser Reassures 4-Year-Old Who Called Herself Ugly

Hairdresser Speaks Love & Light Into 4-Year-Old After She Looked At The Camera & Said “I’m So Ugly”

A 4-year-old girl was getting her hair done on Instagram live and she looked into the camera and said “I’m so ugly”.

Being that a lot of people grow up with many insecurities that range from their physical likeness to everything in between, the moment was definitely heartbreaking. A sad moment then resulted in a beautiful conversation the 4-year-old’s hairdresser followed up with.

She reassured our lil sis that she was beautiful, and encouraged her to start thinking that way of herself too. This is a teaching moment that reminds us to continue to build up our young kings and queens so that they can grow up with self love ❤️

Check the video out below:


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