Ice Spice Compared To Lauren London After HS Photo Surfaces

Ice Spice Compared To Lauren London After Rapper’s High School Yearbook Photo Surfaces

Twitter users have uncovered Ice Spice’s high school yearbook photo. And many have compared the rapper’s looks to actor Lauren London.

The Rapper’s HS Yearbook Photo Was Posted On Wednesday

Ice Spice’s yearbook photo was posted on Twitter via Rap Alert on Wednesday. The photo featured Spice, whose government name is Isis Gaston, not rocking her curly orange signature afro but instead sporting dark black tresses, pressed straight.

The post is currently sitting at over 10.1 million views and has garnered over 125,000 likes.

Social Media Users React To The Viral Throwback Shot Of Ice Spice

Twitter users were quick to share their reactions to the viral throwback shot of Ice Spice. And many compared her to Lauren London.

One Twitter User Even Compared The Rapper’s Looks To Nicki Minaj

Then, one Twitter user even compared Spice’s looks to Nicki Minaj.

While others immediately shut down the user’s comparison.


Other Twitter users fawned over Spice being “pretty from birth.”

Additionally, one user was extremely shocked at Spice not being a natural red-head.

Another Ice Spice fan page on Twitter even shared an additional yearbook photo, that they allege to also be the rapper.

Ice Spice Has Not Addressed The Viral Shot Or Comparison To Lauren London

Ice Spice has not addressed the viral shot from her high school yearbook, or the comparisons to actor Lauren London. But it’s safe to assume that she’s probably heard them before.

The rapper mentioned her looks being similar to those of the address in her single “In Ha Mood.”

Bitches too borin’, got ’em stuck in a rut (damn)Lamborghini roarin’ when I hop out the truck (huh)Pretty bitch like Lauren with a big ass butt, yup

The 23-year-old Bronx-bred rapper is enjoying her new success in the rap world. As The Shade Room previously reported, the rapper shot the official music video for “In Ha Mood” in January.

And recently released her debut EP, Like..?, a few weeks after.

Roommates, do you think Ice Spice favors Lauren London?


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