Indonesian Woman Fakes Death To Avoid Paying $265.85 Debt

Indonesian Woman Fakes Death & Posts Lifeless ‘Corpse’ On Facebook To Avoid Paying $265.86 Debt

An Indonesian woman has been accused of faking her own death to avoid paying off debt. According to Mothership.SG, the woman who has been identified as Liza Dewi Pramita owes another woman 22 thousand rupees. The amount equals $265.86 dollars in US currency.

According to the outlet, the creditor is named Maya Gunawan. Gunawan allegedly came into contact with Pramita via an online social group. After consulting friends for their opinions about Pramita, Gunawan decided to lend the woman the sum. And requested the debt be paid by November 20.

The Elaborate Scheme

Pramita was allegedly unable to pay the debt by that date and requested for the deadline to be extended to December 6, as reported by Daily Star.

A few days later, with the debt still unpaid, Gunawan logged on to Facebook. And saw a post from Pramita’s daughter, alleging her mother had been killed in a car crash. The Facebook post added that Pramita would be buried in the city of Banda Aceh, 370 miles away from her home in Medan, North Sumatra.

The post also included a photo of Pramita’s “corpse” wrapped in a “shroud” with her eyes closed. As well as a photo of a gurney being wheeled into a hospital. According to New York Post, the photo of the gurney is a “screen grab of a TV show.”

Pramita’s daughter later admitted that the Facebook post was a lie. And added that her mother hacked her Facebook account to share the false news.

Gunawan’s Suspicions

According to Indonesia Posts English, Maya Gunawan did not initially believe the news. And was skeptical of the Facebook post, which she says, was uploaded with particular privacies of who could see it.

There are a lot of things that are odd. That’s why at that time somehow I did not immediately believe it… there must be family or friends who will comment. This doesn’t exist at all, the status is private for a few people to see.

Gunawan has not contacted the police, as reported by the outlet. Instead, she is waiting for Pramita to pay the sum. Although the woman, Gunawan says, “can’t be contacted now.”


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