Instant Black: Swedish Company Sells Spray Tans That Make Women "Dark Chocolate"

Instant Black: Swedish Company Sells Spray Tans That Make Women “Dark Chocolate”

Spray tans have come in handy for many women who use them to achieve a natural looking sun-kissed skin tone. A Swedish company has taken spray tanning to a whole new level that literally has people looking like they could be a different race! 
Swedish brand Emmaatan offers their customers a selection of spray tans like “Violet Onyx,” “Dark Ash Onyx,” “Caramel,” and “Dark Chocolate.” The thing is, it can transform a white woman’s completion to a woman of color! Now I’m sure we’ve all seen some bad spray tan jobs in our day that had a woman looking like an orange Oompa Loompa, but we haven’t seen the shades go this dark. 

Fittingly, the dark shades are Sold out on the website.



Those shades resemble my skin tone! 
It’s no surprise  the reactions to the product from women of color were not pleasant! Some ladies took to Tumblr to voice their opinion on the tans,  feeling like it only perpetuates cultural appropriation. 

“Th-that’s that’s my skin color in a bottle. Wh-why…I don’t know whether to cry or rage.”

“It’s funny that they think it’s ok for them to be black but not for black people to be black….?”
Roommates do you think the spray tans are going too far? Let’s chat! 


Want To Be Black Without the Burden? ‘Dark Chocolate’ Spray Tans Are Now A Thing

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