Jada Pinkett-Smith Confirms Relationship With August Alsina

Jada Pinkett-Smith Confirms Relationship With August Alsina! “I Just Wanted To Feel Good”

The tea, the TEA! Jada Pinkett-Smith brought herself to the Red Table to confirm her relationship with August Alsina chile!

She and Will Smith sat at the table and addressed the now confirmed rumors head on.  Will and Jada started the conversation off by debunking any statements their reps made on their behalf, saying neither of them purposely spoke on the situation following August’s interview with Angela Yee.

Welp, Jada confirmed her relationship with August–or an “entanglement” as she calls it– by saying she “just wanted to feel good” and “it was really a joy to just help heal somebody.

In addition, she and Will made it clear that they were amicably separated at the time, and it seemed as though their relationship was “done”.

“From there, you and I were going through very difficult times,” Jada said. “I was done with your a**,” Will responded as he laughed. “I really felt like we could be over.”

Jada goes on to say that she wants to make it clear that Will did not give “permission” for them to date as August had insinuated, but that August just didn’t want to come off as a home wrecker being that they were separated, unbeknownst to the masses.

Whew!!! What are your thoughts on Jada and Will’s confirmation Roommates?!


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