Jameela Jamil Says "Nobody Needs" Kim Kardashian's Advice On Success And Work Ethic

Jameela Jamil Says “Nobody Needs” Kim Kardashian’s Advice On Success And Work Ethic

Chile! The Kardashian women inspired one of their biggest critics to pop out with some words on Wednesday. Early in the day, the popular family unit went viral after a ‘Variety’ interview clip made its social media rounds. In the clip, Kim and Khloé gave women in business advice, while Kourtney agreed with certain points nearby. After Khloé spoke, Kim claimed to have the best advice saying, “Get your f**king a** up and work.” Well, Jameela gave the sisters some advice of her own: “Just take the money, use it for good and chill the f**k out when lecturing others about grind and hustle.”


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Jameela Brings Her Critiques To Twitter

Jameela’s commentary began on Twitter while responding to a now-deleted tweet.

“She came up on the mean streets of Beverly Hills with very successful parents/step parents. A TRUE GRIND. An inspiration. A photoshop icon,” ‘The Good Place’ actor wrote, referencing Kim.

Five minutes later, Jameela doubled down on her point with a response to Variety’s tweet of the Kardashian cover story.

“I think if you grew up in Beverly Hills with super successful parents in what was simply a smaller mansion… nobody needs to hear your thoughts on success/work ethic,” Jameela tweeted. “This same 24 hours in the day s**t is a nightmare. 99.9% of the world grew up with a VERY different 24 hours.”

‘The Good Place’ actress has a history of being vocal against the Kardashian clan, namely for their advertorial practices. Per ‘Bustle,’ she’s previously blasted Kim for advertising appetite suppressant lollipops and waist trainers. Khloé has also caught heat from Jameela for advertising meal replacement shakes.

The Continued Criticism on Instagram 

After airing out some of her thoughts on Twitter, Jameela took to Instagram to break-down her thoughts. She complimented the Kardashians calling them “a super impressive family of businesswomen,” before pointing out the privilege in their commentary.

“Not the day after IWD… They are a super impressive family of businesswomen and are products of a ridiculously good start and a genius manager in their mother as well as their own hard work and personal sacrifices,” Jameela wrote in an Instagram caption. “Plus a LOT of photoshop and a decision to not care about misleading people about their beauty claims whilst never disclosing how much secret work goes into their appearances… that they make most of their money from. And a huge amount of money made from questionable diet/detox products and corsets.”

The actress explained that the Kardashians “shouldn’t be asked about their secret to success.” Additionally, Jameela says she hopes people who consume their content don’t “hold themselves to the standards of people who were raised by millionaires.”

Her closing paragraph in the caption got straight to the nitty gritty.

Just take the money, use it for good and chill the f**k out when lecturing others about grind and hustle. And learn how to brag without putting others down who have less,” Jameela wrote. 


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Jameela Sets Boundaries On The Criticisms

Later, in her Instagram Story, Jameela set some limits on the type of criticisms against Kim specifically.

“…But what we aren’t going to do is bring up her sex tape. That’s not ok and it’s not fair. Please stop mentioning it in my DMs,” Jameela wrote.

She also made it crystal that the problem isn’t just with Kim. In fact, the general issue, in her words, is “the media allowing/ encouraging celebrities who grew up wealthy to give advice” to people who have less opportunities than them.

“It comes off every time anyone does it as extremely tone deaf, elitist and patronizing,” Jameela wrote. “We just have to stop altogether with everyone. She isn’t the first one to say this stuff: but she should be the last.”

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