‘Jeopardy’ And ‘Wheel Of Fortune’  To Tape Without Audiences Due To Concerns Of The Coronavirus

‘Jeopardy’ And ‘Wheel Of Fortune’  To Tape Without Audiences Due To Concerns Of The Coronavirus

As more cases of the coronavirus continue to come about, there have been many concerns that have led to the cancellation of many scheduled shows. As we previously reported, Coachella is set to be postponed due to the virus.

Now two of Hollywood’s biggest game shows will be making some adjustments due to the spread of the coronavirus. According to the Associated Press, a person close to both shows has revealed that “Jeopardy” and “Wheel of Fortune” will tape without audiences in response to the virus outbreak.

Both shows, which film in Culver City, California and film months in advance. Therefore, it won’t be noticeable right away that the audience will be missing from the shows.

According to TMZ, sources reportedly revealed the factors that led to their decision. One factor that reportedly led to the decision is that Jeopardy’s host Alex Trebek is battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer, and executives don’t want to expose him to large audiences as his immune system has already been going through chemotherapy and other treatments.

Another reported factor is audience members on both shows are of an older age range, and if they come in contact with the virus, it could be hard for them to beat it.

The third reported factor is that many of the audience members travel from out of town, and there are several travel precautions due to the virus as well.


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Source: https://apnews.com/df53968e1d90f7647c7ff1740e5b3bd7


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