Jermaine Dupri Confirms Verzuz Battle Against Diddy

Jermaine Dupri Confirms Verzuz Battle Against Diddy: ‘It’s Gonna Be Like The Super Bowl’

Jermaine Dupri is sharing some exclusive information ahead of Verzuz’s 2023 return. And addressing his rumored match-up with music mogul Diddy.

Dupri Confirmed There Will Be A So So Def V. Bad Boy Match Up

The mega-producer recently sat down for an exclusive interview on the I Am Athlete podcast. During the interview, Dupri addressed his longtime, friendly rivalry with fellow music extraordinaire Diddy. And acknowledged that although he believed the two would never get their day to go head to head, it seems as if the opportunity is coming.

Dupri explained that plans are in the work for the two to face off at the Mercedes Benz stadium sometime this year.

It’s coming next year… It’s gon be, you know, it’s gonna be like the Super Bowl. It’s gonna be at the stadium — it’s gonna be at the Mercedes Benz…

Dupri Feels Underestimated In The Diddy Match Up

According to HipHopDX, Dupri admitted that some music fans may place Diddy’s discography above his. However, he feels he’s a ” dangerous underdog” in the matchup.

We going into this Verzuz, me and Puff, I’m the underdog; a dangerous underdog too. And I say danger because people don’t really know my records. We know all Puff’s songs, he don’t have no hidden records that I’m like, oh, I didn’t know he did. I got a bunch of records that he don’t even really be thinking about.

Dupri went on to name some of his greatest prodigies. And further explain why Diddy, and his record label Bad Boy, would be left at a disadvantage.

They start screaming Usher, they start screaming Mariah. ‘Jermaine Dupri, you was one of the hottest producers in the ’90s.’ Bow Wow, Confessions, and The Emancipation of Mimi is all 2000s. I don’t even recall Bad Boy having a record on 106 & Park when Bow Wow came out.


Swizz Beatz Also Recently Shared An Update About The Webcast Series

In an exclusive conversation with REVOLT, Verzuz co-founder Swizz Beats also shared an update about the webcast.

We’ve been changing the infrastructure because when we started, it happened in the garage and then moved to a significant platform. Now, we changed the whole way we’re moving but not entirely, so people won’t feel like it’s not the same.

In addition, the producer went on to say that fans can expect a “fantastic lineup” of performers, which will be announced “soon.”

We have a fantastic lineup with people they wanted to see and even battles they think wouldn’t happen. Announcements will be coming soon.

Roommates, are you ready for Verzuz to return?


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