Lori Harvey Denies Rumors Of Allegedly Dating Diddy And Justin

Lori Harvey Shoots Down Rumors Of Allegedly Dating Both Diddy And His Son Justin Combs: ‘Absolutely Not True’

Lori Harvey is speaking her piece and shooting down the “biggest misconceptions” shared about her in the media. The 25-year-old recently appeared on E! News and spoke candidly with host Adrienne Bailon-Houghton.

Harvey Spoke About Love And Why Now Is Her Time To Shine

At the beginning of the interview, Bailon-Houghton praised Harvey for her recent cover of Essence Magazine’s Black Love issue. And she questioned her, asking how important love is in her life.

Love is so important. Love is the foundation, I feel like, to everything. And this is — the Black Love issue — is the first time they are featuring a single woman on the cover. So I’m very honored.

In her interview with Essence, Harvey acknowledged that she has always been linked to other people and romantic relationships. She then boldly declared that now is her time.

Houghton-Bailon asked the 25-year-old what inspired her to make such a profound statement.

I just feel like I’m growing. I feel like I’m growing as a woman and as an individual. So I just feel like this time is about me — self-love, self-growth — just being patient with myself in every stage as I’m growing.

Harvey went on to say that gracing the cover of Essence as a single woman, and publicly asserting her independence, feels very “empowering.” And added that 2023, so far, feels like she is coming into her own as a woman.

I’m really learning myself, growing my brand, growing my business. And just focusing on me now. I feel like I’ve focused on so many other things for years…

As the conversation continued with Bailon-Houghton, Harvey shared that she would like people to extend her grace as she’s still a young woman, learning, and “figuring things out” in the public eye.

Harvey Shared The Biggest Piece Of Advice She’s Received From Her Father Steve Harvey

The 25-year-old also shared the biggest piece of advice she’s received from her father Steve Harvey. She divulged that the 65-year-old has always reminded her that she is the prize in dating and relationships.

It just means not compromising my values, my happiness, my peace — not settling for less than I know I deserve. And not being afraid to walk away from a situation if it’s no longer serving me.

Harvey Addressed The “Biggest Misconceptions” She’s Heard About Herself

Bailon-Houghton then asked the 25-year-old what she feels is the “biggest misconception” about “who Lori Harvey is.”

It’s so funny, because I’m so quiet there’s been so many stories that have been made up about me. Like I’ve seen stories of me being fully in love with somebody and we had this whole relationship. And I’ll see the guy and I’ll be like, ‘I’ve actually never even met him before.’ Like full blown stories — I’ve heard I’ve dated a father and son before… Absolutely not true. And I’ve even heard that I’m a lesbian before.

Harvey ended by saying that she thinks the stories are “hilarious” and “very entertaining.” But she just lets them “roll off her shoulders.”

Dating Rumors Swirled About Lori Harvey And Diddy In 2019

As The Shade Room previously reported, social media users speculated that Harvey was dating music mogul Diddy after they spotted out in 2019.

Does this guy ever date anyone from his own decade 🤨🙄



Wow …. Diddy why would you make this kind of choice? Cassie did right to move on!


People with money🤦🏽‍♀️ hide your son, hide your uncles, hide your brothers. Where the hell is Steve on this 🤷🏽‍♀️

Then, a few months later, photos surfaced of Diddy having lunch with Harvey and her family on a yacht, as reported by The Shade Room.

TMZ then reported that Harvey allegedly dated Diddy’s son, Justin Combs, prior to their suspected romance. The trio was then spotted clubbing together later that year in September.

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