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Jesse Jackson Forbids His Daughter From Using The N-Word 

Remember we told yall how Jesse Jackson’s 16-year-old daughter, Ashley was pursuing a rap career and he was 100% against it? 

Well looks like daddy had a change of heart and is allowing her to chase her dreams but of course he wouldn’t let her do it without a catch! 

Ashley better not use the n-word. 

One of Ashley’s reps told TMZ that growing up, there was a zero tolerance for profanity as a whole and ain’t a damn thing changing in pursuit of her newly found career. 

Ashley most likely got the same speech Jesse gave to encourage hip-hop artists back in 2006 to abolish the n-word in their art. She just might be the only one to take heed . 

Ashley supposedly doesn’t use offensive slang in her day-to-day vocabulary anyway and doesn’t plan to start doing so in her music. Her plan is to relay a socially conscious message through her music. 


He can’t be too upset with that, can he? 

Source: TMZ,

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