Jessie Woo Responds To The Backlash She Received For Her Whitney Houston Joke On 'Wild 'N Out'

Jessie Woo Responds To The Backlash She Received For Her Whitney Houston Joke On ‘Wild ‘N Out’

It looks like Jessie Woo stirred up a conversation on social media following a joke she told about the late Whitney Houston on the latest episode of MTV’s hit show “Wild ‘N Out.” The conversation became such a hot topic, she had to address her audience to explain her intentions behind the joke.

Jessie Woo is one of the latest cast members added to the new season of Nick Cannon‘s “Wild ‘N Out,” and during a segment of “Outgoing Message,” Jessie was left with the task of portraying what she thinks the answer machine message would be for the late Whitney Houston.

On the show, Jessie began to remix Whitney’s classic hit, “I Will Always Love You,” and she sang, “You have reached my line. But unfortunately, I do not have the time. And I…,” and she proceeded to say “I’m dead.”

However, some fans were not feeling the joke and thought it was offensive seeing as how it has been years since Whitney passed away.

However, there were some folks who realized it was only a joke and didn’t take it as anything more than that.


Jessie spoke about the situation and explained that the show is called “Wild ‘n Out,” so shocking jokes and comments are expected to be made on the platform. She also explained that male comedians have said worse and have not faced similar backlash because it was on a comedic platform. However, when it comes to women, the response is different, and they are likely to face harsh criticism.

Jessie said, “There’s this double standard for women and men, and not just on ‘Wild ‘N Out,’ but just in the comedic space period, and I see it all the time.” She proceeded, “In the essence of it all, ya’ll don’t like women, you just don’t like women. Sometimes I really wish ya’ll would say that.”

She made it clear that she liked her joke, and she was aware of the response it could cause.


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