Jim Jones Says He's "Solely Responsible" For Kid Cudi's Career

Jim Jones Explains Why He’s “Solely Responsible” For Kid Cudi’s Career Popping Off

Every rapper has their “come up” story about how they made it from nothing to something on their own. Jim Jones, however, happens to be at the forefront of Kid Cudi’s success story, he claims in a recent interview. The Vamp Life rapper explained to SiriusXM host Superstar Jay how he’s “solely responsible” for Kid Cudi being the successful artist he is today.

“Day N’ Night” was Kid Cudi’s breakout hit in 2008. The single was all over the radio and in the clubs of NYC and beyond. It was the song that booked Cudi on tours and festival stages with an infectious hymn and low-budget music video. Jim Jones explained how that music video bridged the two artists together and how he helped land Cudi’s single on New York City radio at the time.

“Kid Cudi was a nobody, He worked in a f*cking store under Koch Records. I was signed to Koch Records. I didn’t even know Kid Cudi worked down there. Lisa Brunts’ nephew at the time was doing some work for me in my studio and sh*t, and he’s like, ‘Yo, I manage these video directors, I want them to shoot a video for you and sh*t like that.’ I’m like, ‘Show me they videos.’ They showed me the video, ended up being a Kid Cudi video that they shot for free for him, he on top of the roof lookin’ crazy.”

The rapper then continued,

“They’re like ‘This is the kid that works inside that f*cking rock-n-roll store under Koch, they just did it for him,’ and I was like, ‘Give me the record, and I’ll let y’all shoot me a video.’ They got me the record, I did the record, they shot the video.”

Jim Jones Was Never Paid For Helping Kid Cudi’s Career, He Says

Jones went on to explain sharing Cudi’s video on YouTube. He said someone over at Hot 97 downloaded it, and the song subsequently found radio play.  When Jay asked if he ever got a check, he responded:

“Never. When he got his deal, they took me off the record and went for ads without me on the record… DJ Cassidy did that, you dig. You know I bumped into him, but that’s my man, though,” Jones added with a chuckle. “It’s always a joke, though, and sh*t like that, but yeah, it happens like that. But I’m solely responsible for Kid Cudi’s career. Solely responsible. You can go tell him that, and he’s going to tell you, ‘He’s right.’”

Roomies, did you know that Jim Jones had a hand in Kid Cudi’s success like THIS? Peep the interview below.


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