#Roommates, although days have passed, many are still talking about Ari Lennox’s comments regarding being called a “Rottweiler” on social media. The whole issue has since sparked an intense debate—and now, Joe Budden has given his take on his popular podcast.

Joe Budden began his comments by making it clear that he totally agrees with Ari Lennox about being disrespected—but he also admitted that he feels that she has “insecurity” issues, which cause her to get so upset by things that people on social media say about her.

Joe addressed Ari’s situation like this:

“Does anything about the Ari Lennox thing scream insecurity to you? Insecurity. How you feel about you versus how what people feel about you versus how what people feel about you does to how you feel about you. Insecurity. And while there may be variations of it or different reasons of why it stems, insecurity is insecurity.”

He continued, adding:

“We have to be able to compartmentalize… What I take from that is, Ari, I’m hearing you, a black queen, speak to the beauty and essence of black queens. I’ve heard you speak to it before. So when I hear you reply to people like whoever this pawn dude is, it’s like, are you telling me how beautiful the blackness is, or are you telling you, because if you truly feel like that, if you truly believe that black is beautiful, as beautiful as it is, and you embody that, you will not use your energy, your platform, your power… when you negate that power or misuse it by replying to just whatever [this person] has anything to say, then what we really doing here? How do you really feel about you?”

However, Joe followed up those opinions with statements of support. Showing her love, Joe said, “Ari, you have to know that there’s way more people that think you are beautiful, attractive, talented, all of these things.”


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?