Whew chillayyyyy! If you thought things died down in the saga that is Omarion, Apryl Jones, and Fizz, you were wrong. It looks like things are just getting started, and the everybody is having a field day with the tea, especially Joe Budden.

Just a few weeks ago, Omarion announced there is going to be a Millennium Tour 2020, and B2K fans assumed the group would be coming together once again to take their hits from city to city! Shortly after, J Boog took to Instagram live, very vaguely saying B2K would not be on tour, and now we know why.

On November 26th, Omarion announced he will be headlining Millennium Tour, and B2K is nowhere in sight! Coincidentally, O made the announcement on the day Fizz was born.

Previously, Omarion declared he was unbothered by his baby momma’s decision to be in a relationship with his former bandmate and brother, but it looks like he was really waiting to play the pettiest hard of them all!

Joe Budden took notice of course, and has officially declared this day “Omarion Day”. He took to Twitter saying:

“Nah today is officially Omarion Day, ain’t no more birthday for Duke.”

It looks like Omarion may not be with his baby momma anymore, but he sure is getting to that bag no matter what!

What do y’all think, Roomies? Does Omarion take the crown as king petty, or is it just business? Let us know in the comments!