John 'Boonk Gang' Gabbana's Mom Calls Him Out For Being A Liar

John ‘Boonk Gang’ Gabbana’s Mom Calls Him Out For Being A Liar: ‘Everything He’s Been Telling You Is A Lie’

Whew chile… we are just three days into 2023 and the drama has not let up!

John Gabbana, formerly known as Boonk Gang, has been the topic of conversation recently after his mom, Simona Ariel, called him out for being a liar.

Where Is This Coming From?

It appears that Simona created an Instagram the day after Christmas and has been posting multiple times a day since. She even addressed his abuse claims where she says after one of his viral Boonk Gang videos of him vandalizing a store, police came to her house and to avoid him and his brother going to jail, she had to pay for the damages. She admitted to punching him following the incident, but claims that isn’t the full story.

After I paid for your f—- up I only had $34 left in my account until next payday. So YEESSS BOONK!!! I knocked you in your s— with my fist.. I apologize. Next time tell the full story.


In other videos, she denied claims that they grew up “in the hood” and used to dumpster dive for food, and said that she won’t continue to be lied on.

She also denied claims that he was raised in foster care stating,

DID BOONK JUST SAY HE WAS RAISED IN FOSTER CARE TOO?? WHEN? WHERE? When Boonk was 4 years old he stayed with his mother’s aunt for 12 months. When Boonk was 7 years old, he stayed with his step-dad’s cousin for 11 months.

Simona said she gave her son multiple chances to come forward and tell the truth but after noticing that he is sticking with his version of the events that took place, she refused to be silent any longer and claims that this narrative is defamation of character. And, she is telling her story to anyone that will listen — she even pulled up outside a store with a microphone and denounced everything.


What Happened With Him And Vicky

But, this isn’t the only thing surfacing. Victoria Rose, formerly known as Woah Vicky, came forward in 2022 claiming that John Gabbana abused her emotionally and physically during their relationship.

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If you recall, the two had a series of makeups and breakups in 2022, following the announcement of their relationship in January 2021.

They even did an interview with The Shade Room Teens as a couple where they discussed how they met and the love they had for each other. An interview that his mom is now dissecting based on John’s claims of how he grew up and what made him start the “Boonk Gang” persona. She took to her Instagram Story to say,

LISTEN! Boonk is NOT! being truthful. At the end Boonk said he never had nothing.. RIGHT? BOONK your story is always changing if people will listen and question Boonk answers they will know he full of s—-.

What John Gabbana Has To Say

John Gabbana has not yet addressed Vicky’s abuse allegations, but did seemingly respond to his mom by commenting under a post saying,

Who said I grew up in da hood? I said I grew up in an abusive home.


A claim his mother continues to deny.

Parents & Kids Airing Out Their Business On Social Media

Something is clearly in the air because John and his mom are not the firsts in the past few weeks to air out their business on social media.

Romeo Miller took to Instagram to call out his dad, Master P, following the death of Stephen “tWitch” Boss saying that his father was more sympathetic to tWitch’s struggle with mental illness and ignored his own kids struggles with the same. This comes after Tytyana Miller’s, daughter of Master P and sister of Romeo Miller, passing in 2022, who had her own struggles with mental illness and substance abuse.

And, let’s not forget Kel Mitchell’s daughter who recently exposed him on TikTok for saying that he doesn’t have time to be a parent because of his career, and states he has been a nonexistent father figure since she was five years old.

We hope these families work out their differences.

Roommates, what do you think about families coming to social media with their problems?


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