Judge Denies Future’s Request To Have Eliza Reign’s Paternity Case Against Him Dismissed

Judge Denies Future’s Request To Have Eliza Reign’s Paternity Case Against Him Dismissed

Chile, Eliza Reign and Future have really given us the paternity case that just keeps on going.

According to court documents obtained by Bossip, a Florida family judge has refused to grant Future’s wish of dismissing his baby mama, Eliza Reign’s paternity suit against him.

Future apparently tried to get the case dismissed on the claims that Eliza committed “fraud upon the court”, and apparently wanted her to be punished for criminal contempt of court.

Eliza asked the courts to release her from paying any court fees due to not having enough money and stable employment, and Future alleges that its all lies and claims she misrepresented her income in her provided court documents.

Future says Eliza committed perjury and even wants her to be investigated by the Attorney General as he claims that she definitely works, has bank accounts, and a whole new SUV.

Eliza on the other hand responded by saying while that she has bank accounts, there was little to no money in them, and claimed they were even in the negative. She also stated that she doesn’t own her car but leases it.

Eliza reportedly included all the documents to support her claims, and she says she hasn’t really worked consistently since her daughter Reign was born.

After all was said and done, the judge sided with Eliza and denied Future’s request to dismiss the case on fraud claims.

Eliza sued Future last year for legitimation and child support for their one-year-old daughter Reign. Future then sued Eliza for defamation, and now they stay in the courts.


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