Judge Denies Silento's Bond Request -- Says His History Of Mental

Judge Denies Silento’s Bond Request — Says His History Of Mental Health Issues Makes Him Too Risky To The Community

Roommates, it looks like Silento won’t be coming home any time soon. If you recall, we recently reported that he was arrested and charged for the murder of his 34-year-old cousin Frederick Rooks in February. Last month he filed documents in DeKalb County requesting that the court set his bond at $25,000. In the documents, Silento reassured judges that he would not go on the run if he’s released. The documents state that he is “not an extraordinary bail risk and will not jeopardize the safety of the community if released on bail.”

Unfortunately, a judge doesn’t have the same faith in Silento’s actions that he does. Today, Silento had a bond hearing in DeKalb County, GA, in which the judge made a ruling of his bond, according to TMZ. The judge brought up Silento’s history of mental health issues and how he has a history of not taking his required medicine. In addition, the judge also mentioned concerns raised by the prosecutor about Silento’s history of denying his mental health issues. Specifically noting that the rapper once withdrew from a mental health facility in California.

The reports state the judge also mentioned the community could be at extreme risk if Silento were released on bond because there is no way to manage his actions if he doesn’t take the required medicine. Prosecutors also stated that Silento’s grandparents opposed their grandson bonding out. With this information, she was able to deny granting him a bond at this time. The judge claims all the presented information makes him too risky to be let out on bond, so his request was denied.

When news first broke about Silento’s murder case, his publicist released a statement addressing her client’s mental health issues and asking for prayers on her Instagram page. At this time, she hasn’t released a statement regarding this new update.

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