Kelsey Harris Hints At $1M Bribes Tory Lanez's Allegedly Offered

Former Meg Thee Stallion Friend, Assistant Kelsey Harris Hints At $1 Million Bribe Tory Lanez Allegedly Offered Her

Megan Thee Stallion‘s former friend and assistant Kelsey Harris hinted at being offered a $1 million bribe from Tory Lanez amidst repeatedly invoking the fifth amendment during her testimony to prevent self-incrimination in court Wednesday.

Megan had previously accused Harris of taking a bribe from Lanez, and testified that Lanez offered her and Harris $1 million each to keep quiet, The Shade Room reported yesterday. Harris initially denied she took any money.

Kelsey Harris Invokes Fifth Amendment To Prevent Self-Incrimination, Doesn’t Deny Tory Lanez Bribe

Harris fifth plea reportedly didn’t affect her testimony, because the district attorney gave her immunity to testify, according to Law & Crime reporter Meghann Cuniff. Prosecutors went on record to state that anything Harris said during her testimony would not be used as information to file charges at a later date.

After being granted immunity, Harris gave her side of the story, with prosecutors plainly asking her:

“Kelsey, at some point in this case, did Tory try to bribe you?” Kelsey said, “Um” then paused for 20 seconds or so. “Not just me,” she replied.

R&B singer Keri Hilson is among many others that believes Harris did indeed take money from Lanez.

“It’s giving she took the money Tory allegedly offered Megan to keep quiet,” Hilson wrote in Hollywood Unlocked’s comment section “I know she & Megan fell out, but after reading her testimony transcripts, it was obvious (and strange) that she didn’t even wanna defend herself from Defense’s implications. It’s giving ‘guilt of betrayal’ and hush money to me.”

Harris Testifies She Was Triggered From “Lies From Megan… That I Took Hush Money” Amidst Bribery Accusations

Harris told the court that it was “ridiculous” to suggest that she was the person who shot Megan, amidst speculation that she was the one who pulled the trigger.

However, Variety reports that Harris maintains that Lanez did threaten to shoot her.

Harris began her testimony yesterday by telling the court that she didn’t want to be present today. When asked what was triggering her, she replied, “lies from Megan.”

“What lies?” Harris was asked.

“That I betrayed her. That I am a bad friend. That I took hush money.”

She continued by saying that after they met, Megan Thee Stallion wanted her and Lanez to hook up. The two became engaged in an “intimate relationship.” But when Harris fell ill with COVID, Megan Thee Stallion allegedly began hooking up with Lanez herself.

Harris told the court that she arrived at the gathering at Jenner’s house around 3 or 4 p.m. She added there was a lot of alcohol present at the gathering and she even passed out.

Kelsey Harris
Thaddaeus McAdams/Getty Images

Harris Recounts Events Leading Up To Alleged Shooting, Speaks On Meg & Tory’s “Intimate Relationship”

Harris also said that Lanez was indeed flirting with Kylie Jenner and Megan had become agitated.

Megan wanted to leave the gathering with Lanez, but he refused, recalled Harris. She and Megan then left but returned shortly after because the rapper allegedly forgot her “slipper.”

After Megan retrieved the item, she returned to the car with Lanez.

Harris then revealed that the car ride leaving the premises was when she learned of Megan and Lanez’s intimate relationship. She alleges that intense arguing ensued between the three of them. And Megan began to scrutinize Lanez’s music career.

When asked if Lanez ever verbally indicated that he would shoot Megan during the argument, Harris confirmed. However, she invoked her fifth amendment right to silence when asked for the context of Lanez’s threat.


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