Wayment! King Harris Is Charging A BIG BAG For Interviews After Viral Tussle With His Parents

It looks like King Harris won’t be spilling any more parental tea for the free! On Tuesday (Nov. 28), the 19-year-old warned outlets of his premium price for an interview. His request comes just two days after he got into a heated exchange with his parents, T.I. and Tiny Harris, at an NFL game.

“10K a interview or I don’t wanna talk,” Harris wrote on Instagram Story.

Here’s What Happened Between King Harris & His Parents

As previously reported, the fallout went down on Sunday, Nov. 26, during the Falcons and New Orleans Saints game. King Harris was at the Atlanta home game with his parents and, at some point, began livestreaming on Instagram.

The live footage eventually captured King debating with his parents about whether he was raised with “a silver spoon.” While he argued that he “never ate with [the silver spoon] a day in [his] life,” his parents strongly disagreed.

When his mother, in particular, shut that notion down, King clapped back. He alleged that he grew up primarily at his grandmother’s house. That’s when T.I. and Tiny explained that he would cry every day and hold his breath as a child to go over there.

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Though their voices were loud as they spoke, things didn’t seem heated at first. Then, Tiny took the phone from King’s hand momentarily, revealing that King wanted to be at his grandmother’s house so he could use a pacifier until he was 12. As T.I. backed her up, King Harris began accusing them of lying.

That’s when the discussion seemingly went left. T.I. (in the background) began telling his son he was getting emotional. Tiny seemingly tried to calm the situation, saying it was all jokes. However, King insisted it wasn’t a joke and that T.I. was “playing” with him in a disrespectful way.

After T.I. warned King that he was “embarrassing” himself, the footage seemingly shows the rapper and his son in a brief physical tussle.

After the alleged altercation, King Harris blew off some more steam on Instagram, accusing his father of calling him a “mistake” and capping for the internet.

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While T.I. and Tiny have remained hush-hush on the heated interaction, Harris wants big bands to reveal what exactly went down.

It’s unclear if the 19-year-old is just telling a lil’ jokey joke, but it’s definitely stirring mixed reactions on social platforms.

Thoughts, Roomies?

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