Alright, fellas…just in case you were umm…looking for lace shorts to flex in this summer–you just might be in luck!

Since the romphim (rompers for men) craze took the internet by storm–the lace shorts for males are the latest male clothing to hit the scene.

An Instagram account named Sparkie Baby Official posted a picture of three men wearing pastel-colored lace shorts with the caption: “#LaceyShorts for men are here! Would you wear these gentlemen? Ladies, would you like to see your boyfriend or husband rock one of these?”

According to Yahoo, it is unclear where the origin of this photo came about, and the lace shorts didn’t exactly just come out of nowhere as Versace male models apparently wore black lace underwear during their winter collection show in Milan.

I suppose the resounding questions is–is this really a thing or is the internet trolling? If so, would you rock em?

TSR Staff: Thembi @ThembiTV_ on IG

Via: Yahoo