The holiday season is al about love, giving, and most of all, family! It looks like The Anthony’s have all three of these under control, as they pose in Christmas photos with their son. Both Lala and Carmelo are all smiles, and you love to see it!

The Anthony’s pose in their red and white, candy cane themed pajamas, stumping many fans who assumed they couple was no longer together. Although it is unclear whether or not they have split, one thing is for sure, they are still a family.


As we previously reported, Lala and Carmelo have had a tumultuous year, after photos surfaced of Carmelo seemingly on vacation with another woman. Based on the photos, it looked like Carmelo was stepping out on his wife, but he has publicly denied the allegations over and over!

The photos, showing Carmelo laying out on a yacht near a woman in a swimsuit on Lala’s birthday, were enough for Lala to declare she was taking steps to get a legal separation from her husband.

Carmelo, however, claims he was on a business trip with a married couple. He says the woman he was seen laying with in a tiny bikini was his business partner, and the rest of her family was also on the trip.

Well, clearly Lala wasn’t buying it! After the photos surfaced, Lala posted some cryptic messages about heartbreak on her Instagram story. In an interview with People, Lala then confirmed she was exploring steps to get a legal separation from Carmelo.

Just a few months later, Lala and Anthony were spotted at their son’s basketball game, which led people to speculate that Lala hadn’t left after all!

We aren’t sure whether or not the to are separated, but we will be sure to keep y’all updated on the tea, Roomies!