Lala Milan & Tyler Parker Are Expecting Their First Child Together!

Lala Milan & Model Tyler Parker Reveal They’re Expecting Their First Child Together! (PHOTOS)

Comedian Lala Milan has revealed that she and her boyfriend, model Tyler Parker, are expecting their first child together!

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Lala Milan & Tyler Parker Revealed The News On Monday

Lala Milan and her boyfriend shared the news with the world via an exclusive interview published with Essence on Monday. During the interview, Milan expressed her shock.

“I’m not going to lie, I’m still in shock. I look down at my belly like, ‘That’s crazy!'” the comedian told the outlet. “I feel amazing. I’m so excited. I’m talking to all the moms. I’m so all about kids. I already was.”

Additionally, the comedian shared how she found out about her pregnancy.

“I found out because I use a period tracker and according to it, my cycle was seven days late. Next thing you know, my boyfriend was coming in town and I was like, let me go ahead and take this test before he comes so I could know if I potentially have to tell him something,” the 33-year-old explained. “When I went and peed on that stick my heart was jumping and I didn’t even watch it. I said ‘I’m a go downstairs. When I come back up I’m going to face my fate.’ Chile, my fate was facing me.”

The Comedian Opens Up About Her Boyfriend & His Reaction To The News

As the interview continued, Milan explained that she and Parker have been dating for “a year and change.”

“His name is Tyler P. We’ve been together about a year and change,” Milan told Essence. “But as far as knowing each other, it’s a long story. We were talking and then we stopped and then we picked back up.”

The comedian also shared Parker’s reaction to the pregnancy news.

“He was shocked and I don’t know why,” Milan explained. “We were making magic [laughs].”

During the interview, Milan also commented on the milestone in conjunction with the maternity photos taken by Essence and how this life change will impact her career and social media usage moving forward.

“It’s a way of showing people I’m not hiding my love, I’m not hiding my lover or anything like that,” the 33-year-old explained. “My page won’t necessarily become a LaLa and Tyler P page, but at the same time, my man is present, we are a family and it’s a beautiful thing. I wanted to show the display of a healthy Black family dynamic in a maternity shoot.”

On Monday afternoon, Milan and Parker shared the maternity photos via Instagram. Additionally, the joint post featured a caption from the couple.

“LaLa Milan + TylerP = 3
We’re having a baby!!🤰🏾 There’s nothing more precious than life itself, and we’re sooo excited and blessed to be bringing a little one into this world ✨”

At this time, we should note that the milestone makes Milan a first-time mother, while Parker is a father to a daughter from a prior relationship.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users quickly entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share congratulations to the couple.

Instagram user @imitationbyjerell wrote.
“Now THIS is how you keep a secret”
While Instagram user @thelorinking added.
“cute couple, the baby will be beautiful 💕”
Instagram user @thatsjust.diamond wrote.
“I’m too stunned to speak frfr because whennnnnn whennnnn”
Meanwhile, Instagram user @vibewithjosh added.
“Definitely shocked because whatttt? 😂 they were dating this whole time? Wow”

Milan herself even jumped into TSR’s comment section to share additional words.

“Welp, looks like the cat is out the panties and the bag😂 WISHING PREGNANCY ON YOU ALL! Jk😅 but fr Thank yall❤️”
Roomies, please join us in congratulating Lala Milan and Tyler Parker!


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