#Roommates, #LilWayne is turning things up a notch when it comes to his ongoing legal battle with Young Money. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the rapper added Universal Music Group as well as Cash Money co-owners Birdman and Slim to his pending lawsuit, which asserts conspiracy and asks for more than $40 million in damages.

Sources say Wayne filed an amended petition in New Orleans today. “Lil Wayne claims that Cash Money has been debt-ridden and persistently undercapitalized, unable to pay him the $8 million advance on ‘Tha Carter V’ and the huge profits that should be flowing in from the success of Young Money,” the suit reads.

It goes on to say that “Young Money’s addition of superstars Drake and Nicki Minaj added both luster and substantial money at stake. Through his agreements, Lil Wayne claimed partial ownership and profits from those artists.” In other words, he wants his Drizzy and Nicki coins, Roomies!

“There’s also been unhappiness stemming from the years-long delay of the release of “Tha Carter V,” a logjam that could partly be attributable to some of the financial disputes,” the lawsuit states.

This feud as been going on for a few years now. #Roommates, do you think Lil Wayne has a good case?

TSR STAFF: Maurita A. @maurita.salkey on IG