LisaRaye Says Will Smith Is Her Type: "We Can Have An Entanglement" -

LisaRaye Says Will Smith Is Her Type: “We Can Have An Entanglement”

One thing about LisaRaye is if you ask, she will answer and keep it all the way real! In a recent episode of Garcelle Beauvais’ podcast ‘Going To Bed With Garcelle’, LisaRaye explains why Will Smith is her type.

“Who would you really want in your life?” Garcelle asked. “You don’t have to say the name, but describe this person that you would want.”

LisaRaye answered the question saying, “Oh I can tell you right now–Will Smith.”

Garcelle shockingly responded saying “Girl! You can’t pick him!” explaining that he’s married when Lisa asked why she couldn’t pick him. “We can have an entanglement,” Lisa sarcastically said, giving the girls a kii.

Lisa went on to clarify that she’s talking about a “Will Smith type” and explained why he’s her type. “He’s so charming, he’s rich, he’s poetic, he’s a philanthropist, he’s a humanitarian,” she said. Lisa was about to go into how great of a father Will is when she came to a halt saying, “He’s a great dad…well–I don’t know–them kids is kinda–“. It was at that moment the ladies shared a kii and kept it pushing over to hear what Sherri Shepherd’s type is.

Listen to the conversation right here at the 17 minute mark!

What are your thoughts on this Roommates? What’s YOUR type?



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