Amber Rose Says She Never Denounced Her Blackness

Amber Rose Addresses Comments On Racial Identity: ‘I Never Denounced My Blackness’


Amber Rose Addresses Comments On Racial Identity: 'I Never Denounced My Blackness'

In the aftermath of Amber Rose and Joseline Hernandez physically fighting while filming College Hill: Celebrity Edition at Alabama State University, the SlutWalk activist is further speaking on her racial identity.

And she’s also addressing some comments she previously made on the matter. In fact, Amber is clarifying that she never denounced her Blackness and is instead proud of her entire family heritage.

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Amber Rose Says The Internet Is "Remedial As F**k"

Amber addressed the situation over the weekend via her Instagram Story.

She started off by noting that her critics “know exactly what [she] was saying” in regard to her “mixed” identity.

“Bruh the internet is remedial as f**k y’all know exactly what I was saying as a mixed person about not fitting in anywhere on BOTH SIDES & now y’all wanna act like I hate being in black spaces GTFOH!”

She added, “The internet is trying to bully me because I’m BLACK AND WHITE ???? WTF IS WRONG WITH YALL????

Amber then noted that the bulk of the criticism appears to be related to a brief clip from a 2015 interview with HOT 97.

“I never denounced my Blackness. I don’t understand where people are getting that from??? A 5 second clip??? WATCH THE WHOLE INTERVIEW !!!!!”

Rose went on to say that her haters are “perpetuating hate, racism and colorism” while she’s simply trying to “claim both sides of [her] family.”

She also proclaimed that she proudly identifies as being “BLACK AND WHITE (Mixed)” and stated, “If you don’t like it you can suck my d**k.”

Lastly, Amber noted, “Actually, I lied I’m from another planet f**k y’all.”


The Clip Resurfaced Following Amber's Reality TV Drama

For further context on the HOT 97 clip, the sit-down went down 8 years ago and involved Amber being asked whether she, as a biracial woman, identifies as Black.

In turn, Amber declared, “I do not consider myself a Black woman. Absolutely not.”

She went on to explain that, as she has an Irish-Italian father and a Cape Verdian mother, she proudly considers herself biracial. Amber also pointed out that she “embrace[s] everything” within her heritage.

“I embrace everything that I am. I don’t feel like I’m more one thing than the other.”


Joseline Hernandez Got It Poppin' After Saying Amber Rose "Wants To Be A White Girl"

As The Shade Room previously reported, the entire situation came up in an ASU classroom after Amber declared, “I don’t fit in in white spaces, but I don’t fit in Black spaces either.”

In turn, Joseline accused her of “really want[ing] to be a white girl” before stating, “You really don’t even want to be Black.”

Amber then got up and attacked Joseline, though the actual fight wasn’t shown on camera.

After the incident aired, people overwhelmingly began to side with Joseline online. To support this stance, some pulled out the clip above of Amber saying she “[does] not identify as a Black woman.”

However, the additional context of her speaking on being a proud biracial woman was left out, prompting Amber to clap back and clarify the situation.


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