British TikToker Defends 'Walking Into Random Houses' Prank

British TikToker Says Backlash Over His ‘Walking Into Random Houses’ Prank Is Due To Him Being A Black Man


British TikToker Says Backlash Over His 'Walking Into Random Houses' Prank Is Due To Him Being A Black Man

A London-based TikToker known as Mizzy (real name Bacari Ogarro) is acknowledging the controversy surrounding a recent prank, which involved him “walking into random houses.”

In fact, as reports circulate about his supposed detainment, he says that the backlash stems from him pulling these antics as a Black man.


What's The Controversy Surrounding Mizzy's Prank?

The situation unfolded after Mizzy shared a video to his now-deleted TikTok account, which showed him straight-up walking through a stranger’s front door, which had been left open.

This startles a woman on the patio, who then proceeds to call a man over. However, the teens are undeterred, and Mizzy innocently asks, “Is this where the study group is?” He then briefly plopped down on a couch in an adjacent room before being shooed out shortly thereafter.

Once the video began circulating online, various people started to chime in and slam the matter.

Welsh politician Alex Davies-Jones called the content “disturbing and upsetting.” She even urged authorities to take action against Mizzy’s “completely abhorrent behavior.”


TikToker Has "Remorse" But Says Controversy "Is The Best Way To Blow Up"

In response to the controversy, Mizzy shared his side of the matter during an interview with The Independent.

After acknowledging some people’s issues with his content, Mizzy noted that “the fact that people are talking” about him is what’s “important.”

Upon saying that he apologized to the family off-camera after the video, he said he felt “sympathy and remorse” and “wouldn’t do that again.”

“It could have been the best or worst decision of my life.”

However, he nonetheless proclaimed that controversy “is the best way to blow up.”

“Controversy, even though it’s not good, is the best way to blow up on social media.”

Mizzy added that “people are trying to slander [him]” because of his race.

“I’m a Black male doing these things, and that’s why there’s such an uproar on the internet.”


Has Mizzy Been Arrested?

While on the subject of Mizzy’s controversy, we should add that the Metropolitan Police noted they had launched an investigation into the matter on Monday.

“Attempts are currently being made by officers from the Central East Command Unit to locate the man so that he can be dealt with for a suspected breach of a Community Protection Notice issued last May.”

Eventually, videos have begun circulating on social media that appear to show Mizzy turning himself in.

Check them out down below.


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