Ciara Praised For Debuting Choreography That 'Stuck' With Fans

Dancing Queen! Ciara Praised For Debuting Choreography That ‘Stuck’ With Viewers


Dancing Queen! Ciara Praised For Debuting Choreography That 'Stuck' With Viewers

When it comes to present-day singers who know how to cut up a rug, there’s a good chance that Ciara will come to mind.

After all, she’s put her moves on display plenty of times, and Twitter users just had to highlight some of the standout moments from her impressive choreography catalog.

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Pop Crave Got The Fans Buzzin' On Twitter

The matter came up as a result of Pop Crave inquiring, “What’s a dance move or piece of choreography in pop culture that has stuck with you?”

In turn, the replies and quote tweets were inundated with noteworthy choreography routines.

From MC Hammer and Aaliyah to Beyoncé in “Sweet Dreams” and Lady Gaga in “Bad Romance,” there were plenty of examples of noteworthy stars servin’ up some iconic moves.

Other noteworthy mentions include the Christmas dance from Mean Girls, Christina Milian‘s steamy “Dip It Low” choreo, and — of course — Michael Jackson.

However, there was one star who swiftly stole the show: Ciara.


Fans Gave Ciara Her Flowers: "Had Me In A Chokehold Growing Up"

Ciara fans began to cite some of her noteworthy performances. One user proclaimed the “Ciara walk” exhibited in the “Goodies” video had him “in a chokehold.”

A similar move she pulled off for the “One, Two Step” vid was also given a shoutout. In fact, someone went as far as declaring, “Missy and Ciara changed my life.”


Ciara's Killer Collabs Get Love

Another noteworthy moment involved “dat car scene,” — which involved Ciara crawling on a vehicle during “Oh,” a collaboration with Ludacris.

Another collaboration that featured Chamillionaire, “Get Up,” also received plenty of love. After all, “It’s Ciara time!”


The Examples Kept Rollin' In!

Some other Ciara dance scenes that fans acknowledged came from videos for tracks like “Lose Control” and “Like a Boy.”

Of course, “Ride” and “Promise” certainly weren’t left out of the conversation!

Are you here for the praise, and which Ciara music videos feature choreography that you personally find memorable?


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