Damson Idris On How Jay-Z Helped Secure His U.S. Green Card

Damson Idris Shares How Jay-Z Helped Him Secure His U.S. Green Card (Video)


Damson Idris is confirming some information regarding his U.S. green card application. The 31-year-old actor sat down with Complex for a recent interview and shared how rapper Jay-Z actually assisted in the process.


Damson Idris Recalls Jay-Z's Helping Hand

During the interview, host Speedy Morman questioned Idris about whether rumors were true of Jay-Z assisting him with his U.S. green card application.

Idris looked at Morman in surprise and asked him how he knew that information.

“How could you possibly know that […] Did I say that?”

Morman questioned the actor, asking how the conversation with Jay went over.

“He didn’t offer that up! I had to ask,” he said. “But he’s done many things for me over the years, he’s always supported me. He supports everyone. He supports so many people that you don’t even know.”

Idris went on to explain that Jay-Z and his crew are “really like” his “big brothers.”

“I won’t tell you how it happened ’cause there’s a couple more favors that I’m gonna need in the future,” Idris joked, “but yeah, he hooked me up with that. Rich Paul did too. Tommy Schlamme, Eric Schrier — a bunch people hooked me up. They’re people who just believe in me, believe this journey that I’m on and I’m gonna repay the favor to the people coming behind me, too.”



Damson Idris Shares His Jay-Z Impersonation

Damson Idris went on to recall one time that he was in Miami and wanted to go to Carbone with the crew.

The actor followed up with a surprising impersonation of Jay-Z.


Damson Idris Thanked Jay-Z For His Help Over The Years

As the interview continued Idris went on to share his thanks with the Brooklyn-bred rapper.

“But he’s done many things for me over the years, he’s always supported me. He supports everyone. He supports so many people that you don’t even know.”

The 31-year-old then advised anyone lucky enough to meet the 53-year-old rapper should also share their thanks.

“Genuinely, I should tell everyone this right now: if you ever run into Jay-Z, just say thank you and keep it moving. Because he is definitely a pioneer of the culture, but of everything. And I’ve never told him this, but he’s a huge idol of mine. Thank you for that reference.”


The Actor Also Reflected On His Relationship With Lori Harvey

As The Shade Room previously reported, Idris has been basking in the success of his FX series, Snowfall. As well as his recent appearance on the new miniseries, Swarm. Both shows were filmed in the United States.

The miniseries features a steamy love-making scene between Idris and singer Chloe Bailey. The scene solicited millions of responses from fans who couldn’t believe their eyes.

Additionally, fans also cannot keep their eyes off Idris and his socialite girlfriend Lori Harvey.

In an additional portion of the interview, Idris shared that his “life is great” and despite the challenges of keeping his and Harvey’s relationship private, he’s happy about the pair continuing to move forward.


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