Keke Palmer's Ex-BF Darius Pops Off About Custody & Visitation

Yikes! Darius Daulton Jackson Goes Off About Visitation & Custody


Keke Palmer's Ex-BF Darius Pops Off About Custody & Visitation

Darius Daulton Jackson didn’t hold back while venting about custody, visitation, and waiting until marriage to have children. For context, Darius is Keke Palmer’s former boyfriend and father to their son, Leodis. The exes are reportedly involved in a legal battle to determine their parental rights.

Darius Pops Off About Difficulties Of Seeking Visitation & Custody

On Monday (Feb 5), Darius vented about the “hoops” dads allegedly face to be involved in their children’s lives. He popped off in a series of X posts.

“When I tell you that they make men go thru hoops when it comes to seeing their own kids. Then they have the audacity to throw the fatherless home statistic at your face. Let alone, make you feel honored to get any type of time w/ your own child, “Jackson wrote in his first related post.

He went on to sympathize with fathers who “gave up” on seeking custody. Still, he clarified that he has no intentions of following that path.

“I feel for the dads that gave up when it came to custody. It’s mentally, emotionally & physically draining. You’ll lose yourself. My spirit is too strong to give up. But I totally understand. I have pondered it. Thank God I have an amazing circle.”

As previously reported, Palmer revealed in November that their relationship had ended the month before due to physical and verbal abuse. The revelations came via court documents after Keke filed a restraining order against him. A judge temporarily granted the order, prohibiting Darius from coming near Keke or Leo and setting a December date to establish the next steps.

However, the former pair reportedly postponed the court appearance to attempt to settle matters via mediation. Then, a few weeks later, Darius filed his own restraining order against Keke.

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Keke Palmer’s Ex Darius Explains Why He’s Speaking On The “Private Matter”

As he continued his timeline rant, Jackson claimed he was once a “weak man” but isn’t anymore.

He also clarified why he’s decided to bring the issue to the limelight. In his words, he’s “not looking for sympathy” or “anyone else’s approval.”

“And for those that expect me to ever speak on anything, that’s for my family’s private matter. Yes, it’s still my family. I share a soul with this person. You can do your own research & make your own judgment,” he added.

In his final message about visitation and custody, Darius encouraged folks to reserve creating a family for after a wedding.

“For those who don’t have kids & this is something that I will emphasize to my son. Wait til marriage & make sure God is the center of your relationship. There’s a rule book that’s been given to us thousands of years ago. Best to follow it. Cause everything else leads to chaos.” 

Swipe below to see Darius’ comments.

In a separate X post, he seemed to address folks who defended Keke amid his comments.


Here's What Keke Palmer Recently Shared On X

Keke seemingly hasn’t addressed Darius’s X (formerly Twitter) rant. However, a day before, she talked about someone moving on via the same platform.

“No one moves on quicker than a narcissist,” Palmer wrote.

We can’t say for sure that the actress was referencing Leo’s daddy.

Nonetheless, the infant is just weeks away from his first birthday on Feb. 25. Only time will tell if Darius and Keke can temporarily put aside their differences to celebrate Leo’s milestone.

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