Lil Uzi Vert Gets New Tattoos On Forehead & Tongue (Photos)

Diamond To Tattoo! Lil Uzi Vert Gets New Ink On His Forehead And Tongue (Photos)


Diamond To Tattoo! Lil Uzi Vert Shows Off New Ink On His Forehead And Tongue (Photos)

One thing about Lil Uzi Vert, he will pop out with a new look, regardless of who it stuns! And his fashion and style often is a topic that keeps the internet in a chokehold.

From his ice-and-fire contacts to gravity-defying hairstyles, dermal piercings, and full-spectrum wardrobe, the rapper keeps fans on their toes–likes and tweets!

This week Uzi pooped out on social media with new ink and a full unveiling of healed ink. Just above where the artist formerly implanted a large pink diamond, the artist got a forehead tattoo.

As previously reported, in January 2021, he revealed fans at Rolling Loud had ripped out the alleged $24 million diamond.



Lil Uzi Gets Dreamcatcher-Like Tattoo On Forehead

The pink diamond’s spot on Uzi’s forehead now belongs to a giant dreamcatcher-like tattoo. Uzi tapped artist Yatzil Elizade to bring the artwork to life.

It’s unclear when Yatzil completed the tattoo, but she works out of Ganga Tattoo in Los Angeles.


Uzi Tatts 'Black Cross' On Tongue

On his tongue, Uzu got a black Cross of Saint Peter, which TMZ reports he got from Ganga Tattoo Studio in Los Angeles last weekend.

It’s unclear who was the artist behind the tongue tatt.

The tongue tatt comes amid recent backlash for rapping the lyrics, “Make a City Girl believe in Satan.” He later claimed his words were “not actually” about the Devil.

This week 6 Skulls shop in New York also shared a video of an artist tattooing Uzi’s ears. The artist is also responsible for the rapper’s facial and dermal piercings.

Uzi has not spoken out directly about the new ink!


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