End Of An Era? Timeline Of G Herbo & Taina Williams' Relationship

End Of An Era? Recapping G Herbo & Taina Williams’ Relationship As Rapper Says He’s ‘Single’


End Of An Era? Recapping G Herbo & Taina Williams' Relationship As Rapper Says He's 'Single'

G Herbo recently had fans buzzin’ on Tuesday night after he shared a now-deleted Instagram Story that read, “I’m single.”

While no further context was provided, the message suggests that he and Taina Williams may have called it quits.

In light of this announcement, it’s pertinent to reflect on their relationship over the past few years.

Here’s a timeline of G Herbo’s relationship with Taina Williams.

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New Year's Day Debut

Starting from the very top, Taina shared a photo of her and Herbo smooching in early 2019.

This bold statement appears to be the first time they publicly confirmed that they were an item, and this came shortly after his breakup with Ari Fletcher.


Herbo Says Taina "Isn't Going Anywhere"

About a year after making their relationship debut, G Herbo took a moment to shut down cheating rumors and note that he and Taina are in it for the long haul.

After addressing the matter, he showed Taina on camera and declared, “You see this girl right here, she’s not going anywhere. She not going anywhere!”


Taina Buys G Herbo A Car

When G Herbo turned 25 in October 2020, Taina came thru and spoiled him with a brand-new Jeep Trackhawk. Ohkayyyy, Taina — we see you!


Photographer-Fueled Drama

As Herbo shares a son named Yosohn with Ari Fletcher, some “baby mama drama” eventually spilled into the relationship.

In November 2020, a photographer @raw_shotography shared a photo of Taina holding Yosohn, which Ari did not appreciate.

“Sweetie please don’t post my son and another girl, remove this.”

She later added, “I don’t want my son in public with her holding him because she told me out her own mouth that Yosohn does not like her. So I don’t want my son uncomfortable.”


Welcoming Their First Child Together

In May 2021, Herbo and Taina welcomed a son named Essex, making Williams a first-time mother.


Mistreatment Allegations

While discussing Taina’s relationship with G Herbo, we should add that Ari Fletcher accused her of being “mean” to Yosohn in March 2022.

While Taina denied the allegation and slammed it as another “false narrative,” Ari doubled down.

Although the bulk of the issue was between Ari and Taina, this drama is another chapter in Williams’ relationship saga with G Herbo.


Birth Of Their Daughter

About a year after welcoming Essex, Herbo and Taina announced the birth of their daughter, Emmy.


The Rapper Expresses Desire To Propose

During an appearance on Caresha Please back in late 2022, G Herbo shared plans to take his relationship with Taina to the next level.

After Herbo acknowledged that he’s “always wanted to get married” since he was younger, Yung Miami inquired if he plans to propose to Taina anytime soon.

The “PTSD” rapper then proclaimed, “Am I gon’ pop the question soon? Yeah.”


G Herbo Admits He Cheated On Ari Fletcher With Taina

Proposal plans weren’t the only matter that Herbo dished on during his Caresha Please appearance.

While chatting with Yung Miami, he also confirmed that — back when he was with Ari — he had cheated with Taina.

In turn, Ari reacted to the confirmation by declaring, “Back then, I would’ve loved that.”

“I’m not gon’ lie, I kinda always wanted him to be upfront and honest…You could’ve just did that all along. But you know, people gon’ do what they do. It’s like now at this point I don’t really care. Back then, I would’ve loved that.”


G Herbo's Brief "I'm Single" Proclamation

Finally, we’ve arrived at the latest update on the couple’s relationship, which appears to suggest that they may have called it quits just in time for summer.

However, G Herbo pulled a lil’ post-and-delete action, and Taina doesn’t appear to have publicly commented on the matter.


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