Recalling Kanye West's Most Stand Out Fashions Over The Years

Can’t Tell Me NOTHING! Recalling Kanye West’s Most Standout Fashions Over The Years


Can't Tell Me NOTHING! Recalling Kanye West's Most Peculiar Fashions Over The Years

Continuing to retain his status as a rap star, Kanye West has also officially become a full-on fashion icon.

As fashion is all about innovation and experimentation, Ye—like his ex-girlfriend, Julia Fox—isn’t afraid to think outside the box and go against the grain with his styles.

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In the spirit of fashion, here are some of the most peculiar outfits that Kanye West has rocked over the past few years.


Lookin' Swoll In Blue Sock Shoes

Starting with a recent entry, we have a lewk Kanye debuted while out with his partner, Bianca Censori.

He appeared to be wearing shoulder pads beneath a shirt that read “Police” in German. While this is already a lot to take in, Ye finished his outfit with some blue sock shoes.

While Ye was definitely making a fashion statement, we’re still unsure what he was trying to convey.


Ye's Bootylicious Leggings

Staying in May 2023, we also have an occasion where Ye was seen rockin’ some form-fitting leggings.

Siri, play “Bootylicious” by Destiny’s Child, right neow!

Humorously, this fit got one Twitter user to ask, “Why they got him dressed like Khloé?” Oop!


Kanye's WLM Moment

Segueing to one of his more controversial fits, we have Ye’s “White Lives Matter” T-shirt.

Back in late 2022, he proudly donned the shirt alongside Candace Owens.

Given the rapper’s influence, Kanye’s outfit ultimately resulted in the slogan trending on Twitter.


All Red Errthang

Taking it back to the era of his listening parties for Donda, Ye came thru with the monochrome for one of his performances.

Specifically, he rocked an all-red outfit, complete with a stocking-like face covering.

Whether fans were referring to him as a blood clot or joking that he was going to get a lace front installed, this bold outfit ensured that Kanye stayed the center of attention.


Tin Man Tingz

Next up, we have an instance of Kanye servin’ up chrome realness back in 2019.

From his metallic body paint to his silver-colored clothing, Ye really committed to the vibe!

While this get-up was for a performance, we just had to include it on account of the sheer absurdity of the lewk.


A Couple That Slays Together STAYS Together

Earlier this year, Kanye showed out at the Fear of God fashion show while, once again, covering his face. Meanwhile, Bianca served BAWDY in a beige-colored bodysuit.

Essentially, Kanye and Bianca came thru and served while embracing mysteriousness.


Denim Dreamz

Back when he was in a relationship with Julia Fox, Kanye and his then-partner had people buzzin’ when they pulled out some matching denim outfits in early 2022.

The message was clear: all-denim is back, baby!

On top of the get-up, Ye paired it with his beloved Red Wing boots, which really made a memorable statement.


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