Recalling Noteworthy Kanye West Music Videos Over The Years

Welcome To The Good Life: Recalling Noteworthy Kanye West Music Videos Over The Years


Kanye West Music Videos Over Years

June 8 marks the day Kanye West entered the world, and while he continues to land himself in controversy steadily, it’s important to remember the artistry that earned him fame in the first place.

Since hittin’ the scene with The College Dropout in 2004, Ye has churned out several iconic hits that continue to influence listeners.

While his creativity has since pivoted to a fashion-focused approach, his artistry undeniably still goes strong. Of course, many of these tracks are accompanied by noteworthy music videos, which are captivating in their own right.

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To celebrate Kanye West turning 46, let’s look back on some of the culture-shifting videos he’s provided over the years.


"All Falls Down"

Kickin’ off with a track off of his breakout album, we have “All Falls Down.”

This music video didn’t have the glitz and glamor that would later be expected of him, but it instead centers on Ye accompanying a woman en route to her flight from an airport.

Kanye was starting to get his mainstream start at this point, and this video centering on an everyday experience speaks to how he was a regular man with superstar ambitions at that time.


"Heard 'Em Say"

Next is “Heard ‘Em Say,” featured on his sophomore album, Late Registration.

The pencil-drawn video’s art style makes it an immediate standout, and the black-and-white videos of Kanye and Adam Levine jamming out help add some pops of realness throughout.


"Good Morning"

Another video that features some stunning artistry is “Good Morning.”

The bear featured on his first three album covers takes center stage in this vid, and it wraps with the character graduating.



We also have to acknowledge “Stronger,” of course.

The video has a futuristic vibe to go with the track, and Kanye is in full stunner-shades mode as Japanese text sporadically pops up on the screen.


"Good Life"

“Good Life” is a pretty simple video that nonetheless shows Ye having fun and allowing his creativity to take the reigns.

In the video for this track featuring T-Pain, Kanye really leaned into the colorful Photoshop energy.



“Heartless” provides another colorful music video that’s entirely animated.

The memorable video recently prompted one Twitter user to declare, “What Kanye West did on ‘Heartless’ is forever timeless!”



"Love Lockdown"

While “Heartless” brought colorful animation, “Love Lockdown” embraced neutral realness in its video.

Much of the video focuses on Kanye chillin’ in a home, though it abruptly segues to tribal dancers, warriors, and jets.


"All of the Lights"

When discussing Kanye’s videos, “All of the Lights” also deserves a shoutout.

This mesmerizing video doesn’t hold back and brings bright, neon vibes to accompany the bop.



Next is “Otis,” which Ye and Jay-Z‘s collaborative Watch the Throne album included.

This video mostly features Kanye and Jay-Z vibing while demolishing a luxurious Maybach. In other words, they essentially used the video as a “rage room” opportunity!


"Bound 2"

Finally, it’s fitting to end with a mention of “Bound 2,” which showcases then-partner Kim Kardashian.

From the scenery to the motorcycle scene and cutaway poses, this video was a LOT—and it prompted a hilarious spoof by James Franco and Seth Rogan.

Happy birthday to Kanye West!


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