Kenya Moore Says She's 'A Little Afraid' To Fall In Love Again

Kenya Moore Says She’s ‘A Little Afraid’ To Fall In Love Again As Divorce Battle Enters Its 2nd Year


Kenya Moore Says She's 'A Little Afraid' To Fall In Love Again As Divorce Battle Enters Its 2nd Year

As her divorce battle with Marc Daly continues to wage on, Kenya Moore is detailing how she feels about dating again—as well as the prospect of falling in love.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star specifically noted that, while she’s enjoying the journey, she’s on the fence about settling down with someone.

Nonetheless, though, Kenya is exploring her options and remaining optimistic.

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Kenya Is Hopeful But Wary: 'I Don't Want To Move Too Fast'

During a recent sit-down with PEOPLE, Kenya detailed how she prioritizes herself and her experience venturing into the dating scene.

While enjoying the journey, she notes she’s “a little afraid” to “fall in love and have a serious relationship.”

“I want to be able to date and I don’t want to move too fast with anybody…It’s nice to have someone you really like, but it’s also nice to have options so you can just not feel there’s a pressure for it to become something.”

However, Kenya reflectively said she’s beginning to “revisit” some of the fun aspects of dating again.

“I didn’t know I could laugh like this again. I didn’t know I could feel sexy. I didn’t know I could go be that girl again that changes her clothes three times before going out on a date…It’s really interesting to revisit all of that.”

On the prospect of finding love, Moore thinks, “it will present itself when it’s time.” Nonetheless, she’s adamantly trying to avoid the “pressure” to settle down.

“I just don’t want to ever feel like so many people feel when they’re single and they’re of a certain age…That pressure that society puts on you or other people put on you.”

The Detroit-bred reality star added, “I just feel like now I feel more in control…But it’s like, ‘Ah, if it’s out there, it’s out there. If it’s not, it will come.‘”


Kenya Moore On Her 2-Year Divorce From Marc Daly: 'What Do I Have To Do?'

Kenya then spoke on her current situation with Marc, as they’re still struggling to sort out their divorce. As a result, Moore is left wondering, “What do I have to do?”

“We have a date coming up, and if that does not work, then it will end up being a continuance for the trial because they’ve already kind of warned us that they want to do a continuance, meaning [we’d have to] push that off. And I’m just like, ‘What do I have to do?'”

Kenya added that it’s “so unfair that one party can dictate how long things go.”

We should add that although Kenya filed for divorce in May 2021, she and Marc initially split in September 2019.


Kenya Previously Said She's 'Confident' Her Divorce Will Be Finalized Soon

Kenya’s comments come about four months after she blamed her lengthy divorce on not signing a prenup.

Despite calling the situation “the world’s longest divorce,” Kenya acknowledged that she “feel[s] confident that it will get resolved soon.”

We should also add that, just two weeks ago, Radar Online reported that Marc’s lawyer requested to withdraw from the case. This notably occurred a month ahead of the couple’s trial date of May 22, 2023.


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