Latto Reacts To Coi Leray's Body-Shaming Accusations (VIDEO)

WATCH: Latto Reacts To Coi Leray’s Body-Shaming Accusations While Performing At Coachella


WATCH: Latto Reacts To Coi Leray's Body-Shaming Accusations While Performing At Coachella

Coi Leray might’ve suggested Latto was looking for ‘rap beef,’ but the Big Energy rapper showed her love over the weekend instead.

While performing Put It On Da Floor, Latto rapped the second verse, which name-drops Leray compared to a blunt size.

“Smokin’ on that gas, blunt big as Coi Leray, B*****s like to run their mouths, but I’m the type to run the fade. When your diamonds hit like this, you never see the shade. Got the key to my city, they gave me a holiday b***h,” Latto rapped. Adding, “Aye Coi, by the way, I love yo body baby.”

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Coi reacted to Latto’s clarification by retweeting the video with a 100 percent emoticon. Then, she followed up with a tweet explaining why she felt slighted.

“It was the diss record with my name on it that confused me. Much love to Latto! Appreciate the compliment.”


Here's What Coi Leray Said After Latto Released 'Put In On Da Floor'

Coi Leray took offense to Latto’s Friday (April 21) release and lashed out on Twitter. She wrote, “Latto bye, here you go [talking] about my body, please do not come on here and talk about nobody BODY.” 

While folks online argued the ‘blunt size’ was a comparison to Coi’s ‘big’ impact, Leray seemed to insist via tweets the comment was shady.

“These b*****s wanna be like the n****s so bad. Y’ll wanna have rap beef SOOOOOO BADDDDDDDDDDDD [laughing emojis],” Leray tweeted. Later adding, “anybody that talk about my body wants MY BODY!!!! Like real badddd.”

And though Latto didn’t return the energy online, Coi kept the tweets coming. In one, she asked people who don’t like or support her to stop mentioning her.

“Sh*t don’t make no sense. I don’t know none of you b*****s in real life. Stay in y’all lane and leave me outta the bullsh*t I be minding my business and showing real love offline,” Leray tweeted.

In response, people online pointed out Coi and Latto’s previous instances of showing love and Coi’s appearance in Latto’s On God. The music video was released in September 2020.


Coi Leray Suggests She Might've 'Overreacted' To Latto's Lyrics

Despite the innanet eating up Coi’s responses, Latto remained silent about the situation online. Instead, she promoted her song and even shared performance looks.

Nonetheless, in one of her tweets, Leray suggested she overreacted but stood ten toes against her name being used in a ‘diss song.’

“Maybe I overreacted idk. End of the day. Don’t say my name for clicks and likes. Specially if we don’t speak or communicate. I’m not a big blunt, small blunt. Don’t compare me to nada. Mention b*****s you actually beef with. Put it on the floor but leave me out of the BS.”

Latto hasn’t confirmed whether the track is intended to be a diss. However, that speculation has been made on social media, given her previous online brawl with Nicki Minaj.

Nicki called Latto a “Karen” and “scratch-off” for refusing to publicly agree with her critiques of the Grammy’s categorization process. Latto suggested Minaj was “tryna be a bully,” calling her a “super freaky grandma.” Both women also shared screenshots, recorded calls, and other insults.

Nicki Minaj And Latto Trade Insults After Nicki Mentioned ‘Big Energy’ In Grammys Critique

Following her request not to be compared, Leray spoke about the behind-the-scenes of the music industry.

“There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes. y’all don’t be knowing the half of the sh*t that goes on in this sh*t. But the main goal is ICON SH*T. If it don’t make me rich or better person. Stay away.”

After Latto’s shoutout and Coi’s reaction, the No More Parties rappers addressed looming critics.

In one tweet-and-delete, she doubled down on her stance about being mentioned. Cleared beef aside, Leray also plans to release a track called My Body on April 28, which she announced on April 12–days before calling out Latto.

And while Latto kept Coi on ice for at least 36 hours, the Put It On Da Floor artist didn’t waste much time addressing critics over her appearance. Over the weekend, she clapped back at someone who called out her ‘visible implants.’

“Just a BBL mid-clap,” Latto tweeted.




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