Bambi Calls Out Lil Scrappy & Erica Dixon's Emani, They Respond

Erica Dixon And Momma Dee React After Bambi Responded To Emani, 18, Calling Her ‘That Lady’ (VIDEO) 


Lil Scrappy, Erica Dixon And Momma Dee React After Bambi Responded To Emani, 18, Calling Her 'That Lady' (VIDEO) 

The palace was in shambles on Wednesday (April 19) after Bambi posted a response to Lil Scrappy and Erica Dixon‘s daughter Emani calling her “that lady.” The 18-year-old clapped back, blasting her former stepmother for speaking ill of Dixon and her parenting.

Later, Erica joined the conversation to negate Bambi’s claims that Erica previously physically abused her children and that Emani was the source of those allegations.

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Adiz The Bam even posted a police report to support her accusations. Within hours, Momma Dee joined the online tussle.

Here’s a rundown of what happened and who said it. 

Bambi Hints At Divorce From Lil Scrappy After Emani Called Her ‘That Lady’ While On Live

In February, Bambi released No More Love, a song that fans believed hinted at troubles in her marriage. She rapped about someone “acting different” and being “outside with hella b*****s” while pledging to be focused on her money.

That same month, she told Jessica Dime and Drumma Boy on their Beauty and The Beats podcast that she and Lil Scrappy was still living in the same house and not separated.

She didn’t go into details about the official status, but in Wednesday’s online tussle with her stepdaughter and her mother, Bambi mentioned divorce.



Bambi Calls Out Erica Dixon And Accuses Her Of 'Bullying And Two-Piecing' Her, Emani Refutes Bambi's Allegations

Bambi took to Instagram Story, tagging Erica Dixon and accusing her of using her 18-year-old for a Love & Hip-Hop storyline. The reaction seems to follow a live stream Emani did where she referenced Bambi as “that lady” while asking viewers to stop bringing her up.

Bambi posted a photo captioned, “That lady.” She also acussed Erica of bullying and hitting Emani–revealing an incident report with the police.

“Y’all so mad cuz I’m that lady but you’ll never be anything other than that [redacted] baby momma,” Bambi wrote. “@msericadixon since you wanna play with me…the reason why I never liked your a** because since your child was 8 years old she confided in me about you bullying her and two-piecing her a**.”

She claimed that she never spoke about it because Scrappy was “handling it with the court” and Emani was underaged. Then she shared photos of the incident report but not before throwing another jab at Dixon.

“Now Pipe TF down & show some respect to that lady that consoled your baby after you busted her sh*t all those times.”


Bambi added:

“Using your grown child for a love & HipHop Storyline is pathetic. Hang it up! I’m not fighting with y’all. go fight with your other baby daddy’s wife girl. The end.”

Soon after, seemingly irritated and ready, “to do this all day,” Emani hopped on Live to clap back at Bambi.

“So since we being all the way 100, she posted a paper of when I got in trouble of when I was being smart, and my momma popped me. That’s nothing, read the whole thing that’s nothing.”

Then, she accused her former stepmother of not taking care of her own children, three total, with Scrappy–including an alleged hair care incident.

“Let’s tell the truth about how my sister’s hair was falling out because you wasn’t washing her hair or bathing her properly. You can’t even watch all three about yourself, you need my daddy and a nanny to be with you or your momma to be with you 24/7. So let’s not talk about parenting, me and my siblings are very well taken care of and my momma go 100% for all of us.”


Emani also commented on her age, saying she doesn’t have to “stay in a child’s place” because she’s 18.

“…you not finna keep speaking on my part or my momma part. You cannot love me as a child if you go around making diss tracks about my father talking about my momma. You don’t have no respect, you don’t love me none of that cut it out, you don’t love nothing…cause if you loved me you wouldn’t be on live doing all this. This ain’t love sweetie.”

Then, Emani claimed Bambi’s mother of calling her a “label wh*re” and tried to get physical with her–a claim Emani’s grandmother later confirmed.


Bambi Shares Audio Talking About Emani And Erica Dixon's Parenting With Lil Scrappy, Erica Responds

Bambi reacted to Emani’s clapback by sharing audio of a conversation with Scrappy. It’s unclear when this phone call was recorded or whether Scrappy knew that Bam was recording him.

However, in the video, she asks Scrappy if it’s “real” that Emani has said she hated her mother and was getting “beat on and slapped on.” Bambi also talked about Emani “feeling like picking sides” when she’s with the opposite parent.

Bam also admitted that her issues with Erica are about what Emani shared about Erica’s parenting and how it made her angry with Emani—adding that she had a conversation with Emani about this.

“This has always been me trying to be the bigger person and understand what kids be doing the most,” Bam wrote in the posts. Adding, “Divorce is ugly, people are emotional but this drama has always existed and that’s why I’m OUT.”

In another clip, Bambi admitted to employing a nanny and chef–in response to Emani’s claims.

Following Bam’s audio release, Erica Dixon entered the online back-and-forth. and addressed Bambi while saying she spoke to Emani after her clapback.

“It’s crazy to me how you still on these abuse allegations Bambi. You and Scrappy tried to have my kids taken from me, like I said y’all were miserable people. You still are miserable, you’re so bothered by me love and I guess you’re just going to continue to be.”

Her response to the police reports was that “anybody can do a police report,” later calling it “false allegations.” She also challenged Bambi to post the “paperwork from the whole investigation.” Erica added that her kids are well taken care of “with or without a man.”

Dixon also suggested that she and Bambi meet again because the last time they met Bam allegedly “walked away.”

As for Emani going back and forth, Erica suggested she stay out of it despite her age.



Momma Dee Says Emani 'Exploded' But Confirms Bambi's Mother Called Emani A 'Label Whore'

Momma Dee also said her piece about the drama, confirming that none of the online exchanges are for a storyline. She first said she wouldn’t go back and forth with an 18-year-old as Bam did and pledged allegiance to Emani and Erica.

Later, she said Emani “exploded” from things that Bambi and her mother have done, including allegedly insulting Emani.

“…her mother called Emani a label whore but yet Bambi is seen on Instagram touting every label she can carry on her back. You gotta watch a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” Dee said.



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