Logic Drops N-Word While Showing Off His Dad Online

Hol’ Up! Rapper Logic Sparks Reactions For Saying N-Word While Showing Off His Dad Online


In the wake of rumors of Logic being “bullied” by fans into showing off his father, Twitter is buzzing after the biracial rapper proceeded to “proudly drop” the N-word on camera.



The Buzz Began After Logic Linked With His Father

The conversation was sparked after Logic shared a video on social media of him and his father, who is Black, simply hanging out.

The 33-year-old rapper, who was born and raised in Maryland, asked his pops to share a word of advice for viewers. His father responded by succinctly imploring fans to “keep it real.”

In turn, Logic responded by placing further emphasis on his dad’s message, and he told viewers, “Keep it real all the time, n***a, you know what it is!”


Twitter Gives Logic Side-Eye After Using The N-Word

As Logic’s upload circulated online, people their opinions on how the “Self Medication” biracial rapper was now “proudly dropping” the N-word.


The bulk of the backlash came as a result of Logic appearing to be white-passing to some fans, as they felt as though he didn’t have the right to use the term.


In fact, some Twitter users went as far as to allege that Logic’s own father was “barely” able to drop the N-word.


Additionally, it was humorously noted that “showing off your Dad that’s wearing an Eminem fit isn’t helping.” Oop!


Lastly, Logic referring to his father as “daddy” rather than “pops” or “dad” also found its way into the conversation.


However, not everyone was bashing Logic, and it was even proclaimed that “at least Logic got that [Black] card in him,” unlike other rappers who use the N-word.


We should also add that Logic hasn’t acknowledged the conversation surrounding the matter, though he eventually posted a photo from the same meet-up and proclaimed, “So glad my father finally got to meet his grandson.”


He also shared some other uploads featuring his dad, though these posts didn’t spark any backlash.


What are your thoughts on the online conversation around Logic, who’s biracial and white-passing, using the N-word while showing off his father?


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