Love Is Blind: Why Kwame & Irina Are Labeled Messiest Co-Stars

‘Love Is Blind’ Star Irina Apologizes For ‘Mistreating’ Co-stars— But Fans Think Kwame’s Antics Are Just As Messy


*This article contains show spoilers*

Love Is Blind star Irina Solomonova said sorry to co-stars after viewers called her out for “mean girl” antics—but is Kwame Appiah apologetic for his messy behavior on camera?

The 26-year-old business owner apologized after viewers called her out for acting childish with co-stars as viewers binged watched the first episodes on Netflix. Irina must have seen the comments and made a point to address the criticism in her latest Instagram post.


On video, Zack’s first choice Irina expressed remorse for mistreating and hurting several of her co-stars by being shady.

“I have privately apologized to the people that I have hurt and mistreated,” Solomonova said on Instagram. “It was very immature and naive of me in a lot of those situations. None of those people deserved to be treated the way that I treated them. I know that none of those things were okay.”

Solomonova specifically apologized to Zack Goytowski, Bliss Poureetezadi, Amber Wilder, Jackelina Bonds, and “best friend” Micah Lussier.

While her apology has been well-received by some fans of the show, others are still skeptical about whether she truly understands the impact of her actions.


Kwame Labeled Two-Faced To Fiancée Chelsea On 'Love Is Blind'

While Irina’s apology is a step in the right direction, some show fans also call out another cast member, Kwame, for his seemingly two-faced behavior towards his fiancee Chelsea.

Viewers are irritated after Kwame was seen flirting with Micah in front of the cameras—even going so far as to sneakily confess his feelings to Micah at Chelsea’s birthday party in a later episode.

Another point viewers are making is they think Kwame lied about talking to his mom  on the phone about his new fiancee.

Fans think he was pretending to speak to his mom and he’s also making up his story about his mother not wanting to meet her or come to his wedding.



Twitter Goes In On Kwame

The commentary on Kwame made him a trending topic on social media and fans were not easy on him!

“Kwame telling Micah he still has feelings for her ON HIS FIANCÉ CHELSEAS BIRTHDAY??? Is shame not free???,” one Twitter user wrote.

Scroll down for even more reactions!



Micah wasn’t off the hook either, with Twitter commenting on her behavior.


Roomies, what do YOU think of the criticism Kwame and Irina are facing?



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