Here's All The Trending Tea From Season Six Of 'Love Is Blind'

Roommate Talk! Here’s All The Trending Tea From Season Six Of ‘Love Is Blind’ (Spoilers)


Here's All The Trending Tea From Season Six Of 'Love Is Blind'

Whew! Roommates, ‘Love Is Blind’ had the innanet bussing with reactions this past weekend! Netflix released season six on Feb. 14, and folks have not stopped talking about the twists and turns yet!

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From comparisons to Megan Fox to an EpiPen drag, here are some of the trending moments from the first half of the dating show. Six episodes are out, and another three are expected later this week.


Before we get to the tea, here are a couple more things you should know! First, Netflix cast from Charlotte, North Carolina for this season. Second, only five couples made it out of the pods. That includes Amy and Johnny, AD and Clay, Kenneth and Brittany, Laura and Jeramey, and Chelsea and Jimmy. Third, the couples vacationed in the Dominican Republic after the engagements.

‘Love Is Blind’ Casts First Single Mom Jessica, She DRAGS Jimmy

Let’s start with someone who didn’t leave the pods engaged but left the innanet in tears with her clapbacks and heartwarming search for love. Meet Jessica Vestal, who is now 29, but appeared on the show at 28, employed as an executive assistant and raising a daughter named Autumn. She’s the first single parent in six seasons of the show.

Jessica and Jimmy Presnell had formed a connection, but he ultimately chose Chelsea. After he told Jessica about his decision, she dragged him for filth with her comeback.

“When you and realize what you missed out on, you are going to choke. You are going to choke. You are going to need your EpiPen to open up your airways because you are going to be in disbelief of what you missed out on.” 


Jessica’s speech is going down in #LoveIsBlind history.

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Watch Jimmy’s Reaction After Seeing Chelsea For The First Time

As mentioned, Jimmy chose to elevate his connection with Chelsea Blackwell to an engagement. Before they laid eyes on each other for the first time, Jimmy had envisioned she looked like Megan Fox.

Why would he think THAT?! While they were dating in the pods (and prior to him ending his bond with Jessica), Chelsea had asked what celebrity he’s compared to. She revealed hers was Megan Fox but clarified several times that it was only because of her dark brunette hair and light eyes.

See the moment Chelsea said that below.

That lil’ comment had Jimmy in a chokehold! After they met face-to-face, he admitted in a confessional that he felt lied to.

“She definitely to me on some…uh…how she looked,” he said with a laugh. “Chelsea told me she looks like Megan Fox. But you know, at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter. I’m very attracted to her, I can work with that.” 

While vacationing in the Dominican Republic, Jessica asked him what was the first thing he noticed about her. To “keep it PG,” Jimmy said her “big, square teeth” but later added that it was her large breast size.


Objectifying Much?! AD's Body Was A Hot Topic Among The Cast

Let’s get into how the cast that made it to the Dominican Republic was STUCK on Amber Desiree Smith‘s body! Nicknamed AD on the show, she was forced to address several uncomfy comments.

From Jimmy calling her “stacked” to Laura challenging her fiancé to flick AD’s breast, here’s how this cast objectified the only Black woman who found love in this season.

As mentioned, entrepreneur Clay Gravesande proposed to AD — a 33-year-old real estate broker. When the pair first met with the other engaged couples, AD’s body became a hot topic.

First, Jimmy quietly told Chelsea, “that woman is absolutely stacked,” speaking on AD in her bodycon, baby blue dress. Chelsea agreed, calling her a “bookshelf.” Jimmy clarified that he meant it in “the most respectful way,” but Chelsea proceeded to blast his comment across the gathering.

She yelled, “AD, hey how’d you get your butt like that?” AD playfully responded, “Squats and Jesus girl.”

Rather than end the commentary there, Chelsea proceeded to tell everyone that Jimmy initiated the comments about AD’s body.

Watch the moment below.


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Despite engaging in the commentary, Chels later confronted Jimmy, saying his compliment made her feel  “uncomfortable” and “hurt,” especially since Jimmy then entertained a conversation with AD following the compliment.


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While the “stacked” comment brought tension between Chelsea and Jimmy, another “joke” had Clay stepping up for his woman.

Engaged couple Jeramey Lutinski and Laura Dadisman double-teamed their objectification when Jeramey admitted to Clay and AD that his fiancée joked about his doing a “bean dip.” Apparently, the term means to smack a woman’s breast up and down.

AD said Laura had previously done it to her, and apparently, she “jokingly” gave her future husband permission to do it to AD as well. Jeramey refused to but realized how offensive the “joke” was when Clay and AD didn’t find the humor in it. Clay revealed he felt offended and warned Jeramey not to do a bean dip on his woman.

Meanwhile, Laura dismissed anyone who had a problem with her “joke,” including Clay. She suggested he needed to “relax,” and AD told her not to say that because while they may find the joke funny, Clay did not.

AD most recently told PEOPLE that things are all good between her and Laura.

“I don’t really relish on that moment too much because it didn’t really affect me. And I’m kind of shocked that it affected them so much. So, I don’t really think about that often. … It was a girl’s thing that translated and went left, I guess.”


Kenneth & AD Talk About Dating As A Black Person

Elsewhere in the sixth episode of ‘Love Is Blind’ S6, AD, and Kenneth Gorham had a heart-to-heart about dating as a Black person.

This season, AD and Clay were the only engaged Black couple — a fact that Kenneth celebrated while speaking to them. He told them it’s “giving Black excellence.” Clay walked away from the convo, but Kenneth and AD kept it going.

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She revealed that she’s obsessed with her man and asked Ken how he felt about being engaged to Brittany Mills, a white, Southern woman, while he’s Black. Ken immediately told AD that Brit is his “person,” and they already have “so many plans” once they’re back in NC.

After AD asked, he revealed that Brit is the first white woman he’s dated.

“It has superseded my expectations,” Kenneth said. “Soon as I saw her, of course, I was like, she’s beautiful. She’s a dope, dope person. We definitely clicked in so many ways.”

He and AD concluded that he and Brit are the giving type of people, and it works for them. He revealed that he doesn’t think the day-to-day of being with each other will be a challenge. However, he alluded to how other people might react to them dating outside of their race.

AD asked if he felt confident that Brittany could raise Black children.

“I’m very much pro-Black and I don’t lose sight of what we have had to overcome, what society still perceives we can still do and achieve,” Kenneth said before AD interrupted adding, “You can be pro-Black and date white, those two things can co-exist.”

Kenneth admitted it’s a subtopic that makes him think, but ultimately, he said Brittany makes him feel “very safe.”


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The next three episodes of ‘Love Is Blind’ drops this Wednesday, Feb. 21.

See MORE viral conversations from this new season by swiping below.

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