Marissa Da'Nae Apologizes For Blasting NLE Choppa Online

Marissa Da’Nae Apologizes For Blasting NLE Choppa Online: ‘I Was Speaking My Truth Out Of Anger’


NLE Choppa

Marissa Da’Nae, who is romantically linked to NLE Choppa, has issued a formal apology after poppin’ off on the Memphis-bred rapper through her Instagram Story!

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Marissa Da'Nae Apologizes For Airing Out The Drama

On Tuesday evening, the social media influencer shared a message explaining why she expressed her frustrations with the rapper on social media.

She noted that she has “been angry and was angry” before adding, “I apologize for [getting] so frustrated.”

“I’m going back to putting my energy into my child and I apologize for allowing myself to get so frustrated that I let it run onto the internet. This is my bed I made, that I gotta lay in.”

Marissa also noted, “This has been really hard on me and I’ve been taking everything hard. It is what it is…I was speaking my truth out of anger but again I am sorry and I should [have] just kept it to myself.”


Marissa Revealed Her Pregnancy & Accused NLE Choppa Of Being M.I.A.

The apology is directly related to an online tirade that Marissa launched against NLE Choppa.

On her Instagram Story, she proclaimed that she was “fed tf up” with the 20-year-old rapper, who she had “never” truly broken up with.

At this point, she announced her pregnancy and said the rapper had “failed to show up” throughout the process. Marissa also accused NLE Choppa of having time to flirt and “take folks on dates” but not attend her doctor appointments.

While going off, she shared an ultrasound of her unborn baby before showing clips of her going through in vitro fertilization (IVF).

“I need you present. I needed flowers, I needed love. I needed support. I needed you dawg. I still need you my n***a. You good to everybody else, but you literally s**t on me!”


The Situation Erupted After NLE Choppa Decided To Shoot His Shot At Megan Good

Taking another step back, we should note that the situation began when NLE Choppa decided to try and get a lil’ flirty with Meagan Good over on Twitter.

Specifically, the “Camelot” rapper decided to shoot his shot by writing, “Hey Ms. Good [heart eyes emoji].”

Shortly after NLE Choppa made this upload, Marissa shared The Shade Room’s post about the matter on her Instagram Story and added a scathing message.

“I really wish you was this active and supportive to do this with something else my N***a.”

After proclaiming that NLE Choppa was “starting to piss [her] off,” Marissa blasted him for being M.I.A.




While the situation between NLE Choppa and Marissa Da’Nae seemingly went from 0-100, things between the two appear to have settled down for now.

We wish them well and hope that Marissa has a smooth pregnancy.


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