Ne-Yo Seems To Have His Hands Full With THESE Two Women

Sister Wives? Ne-Yo Seems To Have His Hands Full With THESE Two Women (Videos)


Ne-Yo Two Mystery Women Silhouette Tattoo Videos

Roommates, it seems like Ne-Yo has plenty of love to go around! The ‘Miss Independent’ singer has been independently pictured with two women!

Now, The Shade Room can’t say whether Ne-Yo is seriously dating either of the mystery ladies. However, time is being SPENT — both in pairs and as a trio!

More On Ne-Yo & His Ladies

One of the women, let’s call her Ms. Tatted, has shown her dedication to the singer by inking his silhouette on her thigh below her peach!

She shared posts in May, October, and December that show her and the singer visiting the United Arab Emirates, including Dubai, and Africa. A scroll through her Instagram page indicates they’ve been out and about, from what looks like baecations to activities like golf tournaments. The pair also share a pet boxer dog named Chimere.

Swipe below to take a look at Ne-Yo spending time with Ms. Tatted!

Moving on to his next, the brown-skinned beauty named Arielle has been sharing content featuring the singer for a hot minute! Again, it’s unclear what their relationship status is, but she refers to him as her “twin flame” in previous posts.

For his 44th birthday on October 18, Arielle posted a video montage of memories with Ne-Yo. They’re pictured playing video games inside a home, skating together, visiting an exhibit, spending time at the beach, in the mall, and inside nightclubs.

Like Ms. Tatted, Arielle also showed her love in permanent ink. She and Ne-Yo have a matching tattoo on their forearms.

“The final Libra in my life, Happy Birthday TF… I love you 4L plus infinity. No longer a spring chicken but you still got it… The BIG 44!!! There so much to say but I’ll leave it at this SSWWTFHHCSA” 

Swipe below to see their boo’ed up moments!

Plot Twist! Ne-Yo’s Ladies Kick It Together

But Ne-Yo isn’t the only person these ladies are spending time with! The women are apparently friendly with each other! The Shade Room peeped that Ms. Tatted and Arielle shared posts featuring the singer as recently as yesterday (Feb. 7).

In Ms. Tatted’s posts, Ne-Yo, and another woman posed for a video while at an escape room venue. Ms. Tatted also shared a group photo of the outing. And guess who was in that group photo? Ms. Arielle.

On her Instagram Story on Wednesday, Ms. Tatted posted a mirror selfie featuring Arielle. They seemed to be twinning in their skin-tight jumpsuits. Ms. Tatted captioned the post, “May the night begin,” adding side-eye and celebration emojis. Then, both women shared footage of Ne-Yo performing on their individual Insta-Story.

Peep the sister’s wives’ energy below.


The Singer Has BEEN Open About His Dating Lifestyle

One thing about Ne-Yo is he isn’t going to hide his dating lifestyle! In April 2023, he told TMZ the “right time to date” after a divorce “depends on the person.”

“… Everybody’s timeline ain’t the same. Some people get quick, some people take a little time. It’s up to you.”

His response followed months of public interest in his life amid his divorce from Crystal Renay and his welcoming a second child with influencer Sade. In her petition (and online) Crystal accused her ex-husband of cheating, including fathering his youngest children with Sade during their marriage.

In his April conversation with TMZ, he revealed being in a “happy” space and “dating” without giving “a damn.” His words? He was “moving around” and “enjoying the scene a lot.”

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Soon after his TMZ comments, Ne-Yo went IN on social media over critiques of how he moves. On Instagram Story, he wrote:

“I just need the whole world to understand this. Your opinions of me and my personal life don’t mean ANYTHING to me,” Ne-Yo wrote. “My kids love me. My women love me. My future is bring as f**k. I don’t even have tome to concern myself with what y’all think. I feel like the father in ‘The Nutty Professor. You really think I be listening to you. Ion be listening to you.”


Swipe below to see how he popped off.


Ne-Yo Popped Out With Two Women Last Year

A few months after Ne-Yo gagged the innanet by clapping back over his personal life, he was outside and accompanied!

Last July, a video surfaced of him holding hands with two women in South Beach, Miami. And the singer made no effort to dodge the person recording his stroll. Instead, he waved at the camera.

It’s unclear whether any of those women might also be the ones described above.

See their lil’ hand-in-hand walk below.

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TSR Social Producer Saràn Tarawaley contributed to this report.


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