Nicki Minaj & Yung Miami Confuse Fans After Twitter Exchange

Nicki Minaj And Yung Miami Leave Fans Confused After Twitter Exchange About ‘Borrowed’ Catchphrase


Nicki Minaj And Yung Miami Leave Fans Confused After Twitter Exchange About 'Borrowed' Catchphrase

Nicki Minaj and Yung Miami have left fans confused as to whether they’re actually beefing or just stirring up a “jokey joke.”

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How Nicki MInaj & Yung Miami's Twitter "Feud" Began

The confusion began when Nicki Minaj took to Twitter Wednesday evening and retweeted a promo video clip of Yung Miami’s podcast, ‘Caresha Please,’ with guest Summer Walker.

In her caption, Minaj addressed her concern and explained that Yung Miami appears to be using her ‘Queen Radio’ catchphrase.

Additionally, Minaj tagged Yung Miami’s longtime on-and-off partner, Diddy.

“*Hits @Diddy

to advise him that a young lady on a show that appears on his network seems to have ‘borrowed’ a very popular #QueenRadio catch phrase* Puff, who representing u these days chile? I got my shit drafted in my HEAD B!CH @YungMiami305…

talkin bout u got into some thangssss. Um chile, anyways, so…”


Yung Miami Responds: "Nicki... what's really the problem???"

Soon after, Yung Miami quickly responded to Minaj, explaining that she didn’t “borrow” the catchphrase from the rapper.

“Nicki @NICKIMINAJ what’s really the problem???…  cause I definitely didn’t get that from you LOL…  “let’s get into some thing Chile” actually is a gay slang Lmaooooo”

However, Nicki Minaj did not agree. Minaj then asked Yung Miami to join her on Queen Radio to discuss the matter.

If Yung Miami was not interested, Minaj insisted for Diddy to hit her line.

“Caresha now you know damn well… ‘gay slang’ is the first go-to nowadays. Let’s discuss it on #QueenRadio chile. If not, I’m hittin Puff right now. You know he used to manage me right? Now it’s my man my man my man…  Puff what up? Hit my line chi… @Diddy”


Nicki Minaj Brought The Matter To A Twitter Poll

Nicki Minaj then opened the matter to a Twitter poll while referring to Yung Miami as “ms B***h.”

Yung Miami then agreed to join ‘Queen Radio’ so the two could have a sit down.

“Bring me on queen radio I’m ready when you are Ms. b***h…”


Nicki Minaj Readies Questions For A Yung Miami Sitdown On 'Queen Radio'

After Yung Miami agreed to join Nicki Minaj on Queen Radio, Minaj explained that she was preparing for the event.

“*stops typewriter* *Looks at the first legal draft* *rips it up* *Hears puff desperately calling my line* *Doesn’t answer* *gets my questions ready for Ms Caresha* @YungMiami305…”

However, Minaj’s use of the word “desperately” didn’t sit well with Yung Miami.

“Desperately??? It’s never giving that Nicki… let’s be fr”


Nicki Minaj "Likes" Tweet Insinuating She & Yung Miami Are Having A "Jokey Joke"

At this point, social media users became confused as to whether the two female rappers were having a humurous interaction or being serious with their jabs.

Then, social media users noticed that Nicki Minaj “liked” a tweet insinuating that the back-and-forth with Yung Miami was a “jokey joke.”



Yung Miami Opts Out Of The Back-And-Forth While Nicki Minaj Shares More Thoughts

At this point, Yung Miami appeared to move on from the topic while Nicki Minaj later returned to Twitter with a few more thoughts.

“I don’t be knowing anyone is “mad” until y’all tell me. Then I be havin to ask somebody the details to get caught up…  and then there’s the times that barbz b telling me things they swear I don’t know b/c they don’t know how I’m playing the cards in my hand… That be a ki too…”

Roomies, do you think the back-and-forth between Nicki Minaj and Yung Miami was just a “jokey joke”?


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