(PHOTOS) Ashanti Shows BAWDY, Continuing To Prove Herself As The Queen Of Vacations - The Shade Room

(PHOTOS) Ashanti Shows BAWDY, Continuing To Prove Herself As The Queen Of Vacations


Diehard fans will know that Ashanti stays jet-setting all over the world, and she isn’t shy about sharing vacation photos to let social media users in on her adventures!


Twitter Continually Takes Note Of Ashanti's Vacation Antics

Over on Twitter, the subject of Ashanti living her best life by being “on vacation about 300 days a year” frequently comes up every now and then.

As a result, it’s safe to say that most fans believe that Ashanti’s truly experiencing the dream life by always being out and about.

Speaking of Ashanti’s vaycay antics, let’s run down some of the steamy photos that the “Happy” singer has shared of her various vacations! After all, if we can’t join ’em, we might as well bring in some celebratory vibes!


Looking Back On Ashanti's Iconic Vaycay Outfits

First off, we have to shoutout Ashanti’s most recent vaycay vibe, as she shared some colorful photos of her enjoying Saadiyat Island over in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


Next up, we have Ashanti blessing her followers with a purple bikini moment in Antigua and Barbuda back in October 2022. Look at that form!


Over in the Bahamas, she opted for a more turquoise-themed outfit that showed BAWDY!


Of course, she’s also taken on the Turks and Caicos Islands, and she seemed totally at peace lounging in the teal water. We love to see it!


Ashanti doesn’t just stay on islands, though, as she’s also shared stunning photos from a giraffe sanctuary in Nairobi, Kenya.


While most of her vacation uploads feature international locations, Ashanti has also shown some domestic love by catching some rays over in the Florida Keys.


Sticking with the States, she made a lil poolside post while wearing a sparkly pink get-up in Las Vegas.


Ashanti also gave Turkey a shoutout after “soakin in a lil bit of that European/Asian sun.”


Finally, we have some enchanting photos that the R&B artist shared from Cancún, Mexico.


Shoutout to Ashanti, and we can’t wait to see more of her stunning vacation photos in the future!


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