Tamron Hall Addresses Criticism Of Interview With Larsa Pippen

Tamron Hall Addresses Backlash She Received After Her Interview With Larsa Pippen (Video)


Tamron Hall/Larsa Pippen

Tamron Hall is clearing the air and setting the record straight regarding a recent interview with Larsa Pippen. As The Shade Room previously reported, Hall sat down with Pippen for an interview on the ‘Tamron Hall Show’ in February. However, many social media users — in addition to Pippen — criticized Hall for “ambushing” the reality star during their conversation.


Tamron Hall Addressed The Backlash

During a recent appearance on E! News, Hall responded to the backlash, and explained more about her interviewing style.

“How I approach every interview [is] I want people to know that they’re in a safe space. I want them to know that this is an authentic conversation, and my job is not to waste the time of the people watching at home…”

Hall then went on to reference a quote from the late broadcast journalist Barbara Walters, who explained that she never wanted viewers to leave an interview with unanswered questions.

“And so, that’s the goal. I don’t want you at home to do my job — you’re already giving me your time.”


The Broadcast Journalist Explained That Her Interviews Are Always Conducted With Respect

Hall went on to explain that her interviews are always conducted with respect.

“For me, it’s always a respectful environment. I don’t benefit from an ‘ambush’ interview…”

The television host explained that every guest who appears on her show is aware of the topics of conversation beforehand. Although the guests are not aware of the exact questions that will be asked, Hall believes this keeps the conversation authentic.

“They know the topics. But they don’t know the questions because if you know the questions it’s not an interview, it’s a PR stunt…”

Hall went on to explain that she always invites her guests to explain their own stories. However, if they are unhappy with the answers they share, that is entirely their responsibility.


Larsa Pippen Stepped Into The Shade Room

On Wednesday, Pippen stepped into The Shade Room’s comment section to share her response to Hall’s explanations.

Pippen also shared her perspective, and observations, from their interview.

“She was very negative and judgmental. Her tone and facial expressions indicated she never wanted to have a fair conversation. If she Wants to audition for housewives I know somebody”


Tamron Hall's Previous Interviews & Subsequent Criticism

As The Shade Room previously reported, Hall interview Pippen in February and asked a plethora of questions regarding Pippen’s romance with Marcus Jordan.

Pippen is 48 years old, while Jordan is 32. Additionally, Jordan is also the son of Michael Jordan who played in the NBA alongside Pippen’s ex-husband Scottie Pippen.

During the interview, Hall questioned Pippen about her decision to date someone so closely connected to her ex-husband. As well as how the Jordan family has responded to the pair’s romance.

In the comment section of the above clip, shared by The Shade Room, of the interview, some Instagram users criticized Hall for her questions.

One Instagram user, @loveeaja, wrote.

“Tamron was doing too much. Just mind your business whether it’s right or wrong”

While another Instagram user, @missshanda, added.

“LARSA is grown. She doesn’t have to give Tamron ANY explanation at all honestly. She came across very pressed. Two grown people doin them. Period.”


Shortly after criticism swirled regarding Hall’s interview with Pippen, reality television star Porsha Williams also shared that she “felt attacked” during a sit down with Hall.

As The Shade Room previously reported, Williams shared her thoughts during a guest appearance on ‘The Breakfast Club’ in March.

“I feel like Tamron Hall and her producers got together at some point and said, ‘Look, Wendy Williams is leaving, so somebody on daytime TV has to be messy.’ Because it feels like Tamron has been being messy on that show lately. Is it just me?”

Williams then shared more about her experience on Hall’s show.

“I didn’t expect her to agree with everything. But there was a turn where it turned from just her asking questions about the book to her kind of almost attacking me. Almost making me feel like I had to justify anything that I had going on… It just didn’t feel good.”

Roommates, what do you think of Tamron Hall’s interview style? Do you agree or disagree with the criticism?


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