Tiffany Haddish Responds To Katt Williams, Social Media Cuts' Up

Tiffany Haddish Responds To Katt Williams As Social Media Users Continue Cuttin’ Up (Videos)


Tiffany Haddish Responds To Katt Williams As Social Media Users Continue Cuttin' Up (Videos)

Tiffany Haddish has now entered the group chat in response to Katt Williams‘ now-viral commentary against a slew of celebrities. As The Shade Room previously reported, Williams sat down with Shannon Sharpe for an interview that went live on Wednesday, January 3.

During his appearance, Williams called out Cedric The Entertainer for allegedly stealing a joke of his; Rickey Smiley for his alleged bitterness over a ‘Friday After Next’ movie role; Kevin Hart for allegedly being an “industry plant;” and Ludacris for allegedly being a part of the Illuminati.

However, Williams’ list of targets did not end anywhere near there.

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Katt Williams’ Comments On Tiffany Haddish During His Viral Sit Down

At some point in Sharpe’s two-hour and 46-minute conversation with Williams, the 52-year-old briefly mentioned the Prime Video television series, ‘Phat Tuesdays: The Era Of Hip Hop Comedy.’

The series chronicles comedian Guy Torry’s creation of “Phat Tuesdays,” an all-Black comedy night, at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, California, in the 90s.

Amid Williams’ mention of the show, he alleged that the series falsely depicted that Haddish and other comedians had performed there.

“All lies — Steve and Cedric never performed at The Comedy Store at all. Tiffany was only seen at The Laugh Factory…”

To note, a trailer for the ‘Phat Tuesdays’ television series includes Williams along with the comedians he mentioned as guest commentators.

Tiffany Haddish Responds

Haddish apparently caught wind of Williams’ statements, and the 44-year-old promptly addressed them during a recent comedy special of hers.

“I’ve been doing s**t — I was on ‘That’s So Raven,’ I was on all this s**t…,” she told the audience. “I was on all the lil’ white people TV shows, the Black people TV shows… I’ve been telling jokes since nineteen hundred and ninety-six.”

Then, Haddish went on to address Williams’ statements about her and The Comedy Store.

“This n***a said, ‘Oh, they wouldn’t let her perform at The Comedy Store.’ That’s right. They wouldn’t let me perform on the white nights at The Comedy Store, but I performed on all the Black nights…”

Additionally, Haddish also dropped a social media comment in response to Williams’ statements.

“…I am not mad I just wish he would get his facts right about me. Dang I guess I will send him a reminder text. But are we sure that is Katt Williams? He looks like Charleston White.”

Swipe below to read and watch Tiffany Haddish’s response to Williams and his initial comments.

To note, Fat Joe was also in attendance at Haddish’s recent comedy show. The pair took a picture, which the rapper shared on Instagram on Friday, January 5.

“Comedy wars @tiffanyhaddish she let the Katt out the bag,” the rapper wrote in the caption of his post.

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Social Media Is CUTTIN' UP At Katt Williams' Comments

Sharpe’s viral interview with Katt Williams has garnered over 16 million views on YouTube since its release on Wednesday, January 3.

Additionally, as the views keep racking up, so do social media reactions.

Check them out below.
















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